Monday, May 3, 2010

Struggle Challenge Wk 4 Update

So this post has been rolling around in my brain for a few days and I thought it best that I put it down on PC screen before the thoughts exit stage left.

Yes, I'm late posting this since it was supposed to be posted on Friday.  The good thing is I weighed in at 160.2 Friday morning. Woo Hoo, right? Wrong!!!

I weighed in a 162.2 this morning and that sucks.

How the heck did I put on 2 lbs in 2-3 days?  I know how - it's called potato chips, naan, green eggs (at least these were made with egg whites) and applewood chicken sausage (not all in one sitting thank goodness) and only 1 workout (that did not include strength training). 

What happened to the 80/20 clean eating rule, LaShaune?  Umm, yeah. Good question. What happened to added 2 days of strength training to your workout schedule, LaShaune. Umm, yeah...Not really sure, but Larry kicked my butt on Saturday so I just didn't feel up to lifting my arms.

I'm not going to beat myself up over a 2lb weight gain.  I am going to work harder at avoiding this yo-yo issue I seem to have. I eat well during the week and then don't over the weekends.  This wasn't a problem in the past because I spent my weekends shopping.  Well, I'm not going back to shopping, so there needs to be another outlet.

I'm still reading The Secret and this morning the author said the most absurb thing ever - Think yourself thin! She feels that if you concentrate on what sidelines your diets, those are considered fat thoughts and attracting fat thoughts continues to make you fat. Ummm....Yeah - BULLSHIT. I've always been a hefty girl but I've always THOUGHT of myself as a thinner girl (even while wearing size 16s to 18s) - I never saw myself they way I should have until 2005 or 2006 at a friend's wedding. Woozers! Oprah is right, however, there is such a thing as a skinny camera which I don't own. From that point forward it has been a struggle but an effort to make changes.

Yes, I've done weight loss studies through the med school where I work (the popular shake diet was the worse) and have found success with the last one. It's not so much as learning what to do and not do, it's implementing the tools we all know - eat proper portions and exercise. 

So on top of last week's goals - I am adding one more (one I learned from the last study):  No more sofa eating. From this point forward, all meals eaten at home will be at my dining table. It's always set, so now's the time to take advantage.


Savvy Gal said...

A gal can think thin all she like but nothing will happen without proper eating and exercise. : )

Lindsay said...

Hate it when the scale goes up!!! I like the no sofa eating goal!