Friday, December 18, 2009

To Walk or Not To Walk...

That's the question of the day (actually of the month). I finished my undergrad studies in August of this year (thanks to missing the CLEP exam by 1 point - bastards). I shouldn't harp on my college - it does fall under the UH system, although, contrary to popular belief, it's not technically a UH school. That's ok - my diploma will say UH - Downtown - that's all that really matters.

Here in lies the rub...I am a non-traditional student (at age 37 returning to get my undergrad I didn't fit in with the straight out of high school bunch). I didn't find the course work to be that challenging, some of the courses were interesting, just no challenging. I am totally ok with just going to pick up my diploma in April when it's ready from the printers. I can do without having to sit outside in the cold for 4 hours listening to over 1200 names being called. I would much rather stay home and clean my office since I can't see the floor at this point.

But nooooooo....folks, including my BF and parents (actually, just my mom) are telling me that I MUST attend. Everyone is telling me that this is for my family. Um, they didn't help me pass my exams, write my papers, give my presentations, read the 5 novels in 1 summer course. So why MUST I attend graduation?

I still have time to make up my mind. I have my cap/gown and tassel. I have my camera ready. I have only invited my BF, brother and parents. I just need to load the next installment of Dr. Who onto my iPod and charge it so I wont fall asleep during the ceremony.

So the question remains - walk or no? To appease my folks - I guess I will walk.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Copy Cat

I love reading fashion blogs to see what others are wearing and to get ideas on color combos since I tend to be a bit predictable with my own. Last week, I discovered Ms. Tina and I have the same dress so she tasked me to send a photo of how I wore mine.


I hope I did just as well as she! If you haven't read her blog before, check it out. Tina is very witty and has great taste in shoes, clothes and baubles.

PS - Please excuse the messy office.

Details: Dress - Merona, Target (thrifted - GW); Cardi - Jessica Howard (thrifted - probably GW); Necklace - Target, Grey tank - Target; Shoes - Ann Taylor (thrifted - GW).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Happy Day

And that it is for a few reasons...

1. I got paid on my freelance work - woo hoo!

2. My BF is now working! Woo FREAKIN Hoo. Being off work since March has had a huge strain on things, frustrating to say the least. It's never good to see a man who's used to working not work. But he's back and although tired is feeling a bit frisky...oh yeah - I will be a very happy camper soon ;).

3. It's Friday. Yes, I know that day comes around every 5 days or so...and Fridays at my place of employ is usually a royal pain in the rear since people are always shoving work my way - but I'm not going to let that ruin my high. I'm going to see Henry Cho at the Improv tonight. Man, he's hilarous.

I was reading Kimmi's blog and she made me revisit my goals:

I still haven't resolved my shopping addiction. I said I wasn't planning to shop for myself through the end of the year. I broke that ban and purchased:

1. a Shaft-styled brown leather jacket: $16
2. a brown suede car coat: $10
3. multi-colored double-strand necklace: $36
4. granny-styled knee length boots: $20
5. 4 pairs of pumps: $36 total

I don't know where this desire to spend money comes from. I'm truly cheap (protested on spending $5 on 3 pairs of trouser socks), but I need to learn to really be cheap and hold on to my money.

I did resolve my attachment issue (I think) and sold my volvo. Of course, I sold it to my uncle so I can still see it...but alas, it's sold. Now to move on to selling my blue velvet sofa and actually purchase a new one. Baby steps!

I have started (and restarted) the Hundred Push-Challenge. I am on Wk 1, Day 2, Level 3. The last set is what kicks my butt and my armpits hurt...but I'm liking the results - yes, I'm seeing them already because I started incorporating weight training with my cardio workouts too. I still need to start tracking my food intake. This will really be the big impact on my weight loss.

I haven't started studying for the GRE. I WILL start this after the holidays. No, it's not a New Year's resolution - it's just the right time to start.

So are you having a happy day?