Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A few things starting to make my rear-end itch

I'm trying to not be grouchy. That's never a good way to start off a blog - but hey, that's the way I am some days.

There are a few things that have my brain cells doing back flips and starting to make my blood pressure rise.

1. Roman Polanski vs Michael Jackson. I'm going to call it what it really is - pure black vs. white issue. A conflicted rapist vs a suspected molester. One goes on to have a very successful production career without much brouhaha until recently. One, even in death, has a tarnished reputation in the public eye. Some don't even think Polanski should be extradited back to the US to serve his sentence versus those who thought Jackson should have been placed under the jail.

2. Keeping in the vein of the King of Pop - the released tapes of his conversations with Rabbi Shmuley. I still don't know what to think. It's heartbreaking to think this man went through life not understanding that his family loved him dearly. It's incomprehensible to think he struggled daily trying to earn his father's love. It's just downright sad that he could not understand that people loved him for himself, not for what he gave to the world. But I am planning to see the movie coming out soon - This Is It.

3. Why people cut their grass and leave their grass clippings on the sidewalk/in the street is such a strange concept to me. I grew up in a household where you couldn't walk on the front lawn and now to live where people don't really give much credence to their lawns. You can have the shabbiest house on the block, but as long as your lawn is neat, it will look like the prized hen. How do I know, cuz I live in a shabby home but have the best lawn on the block.

It's not all gloom and doom.

4. I am so looking forward to the State Fair in Dallas this weekend. Although my family moved to Houston in 1992, I've never been to the State Fair. Heck, I just made it to the State Capitol this year! So The Fella and I are road-tripping to Dallas on Saturday to eat ourselves sick, visit the animals, ride the rides, see the shows and oh and ah to our hearts content.

5. The weather is FINALLY cooling down. Time for some wool, tweed, boots, tights, and lots of jewel tones! Love this weather.

6. I watched all of America's Best Dance Crew this past Sunday. I know it's a total time suck, but I can't help but watch these young adults bust a move (secretly wanting to bust those same moves). This season was a good season to watch, not only were the dance styles varied - Voguging is still a popular style, but we were graced with transgender Leyome and her wannabe, overly dramatic self-promoting antics. I thoroughly enjoyed when Lil Mama told her that in order to fully become a woman, you have to act like a lady! And best of all...my fav dance group - the all female - We Are Heros won! Sweet!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall, Finally

I can't believe today is the first day of Fall. I can't believe I am back to work after spending a glorious week of doing NOTHING but lazing around in a pool chair and tromping through Mayan ruins. I didn't say I was focusing on work, just back to work. Oh how I love vacations.

Vacations allows one time to drink lots and lots of alcohol unless one's mother is on vacation with one as well. It also allows time to mull over life goals. Yes, I know I was supposed to be on vacation not trying to determine what I want to be when I grow up. Well, let's just say I had too much sun last week and have decided to consider at another route for my graduate degree. I keep thinking about applying for an MPH program and work on health policy, especially with all the hubbub going on about universal healthcare, affordable healthcare, etc. But then I started thinking that dietitian may be another route for me.

I know what your thinking...I still eat hamburgers, hot dogs, drink beer and alcohol - but hey, I'm human. Now, I may not be the skinniest person on the planet, but I do understand all things in moderation. I think working towards a degree in nutrition or becoming a registered dietitian will only serve to help my personal goals, make me an even healthier person and make me an example for my family.

Then again, if I have to return to an undergraduate program for additional courses for the RD program - that idea will be blown out of the water and it's back to the original plan for the MPH.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Split Personas

Do you find that you wear masks or costumes (figuratively speaking) during your daily tasks, e.g. Work? Are you afraid of what people might say if they heard what you listen to on your iPod? Do you fear backlash for expressing your inner thoughts on your blogs?

In the past, I've been accused of sounding white, acting white, etc. It never bothered me (and still doesn't) because I can't change who I am or how I speak. I grew up in Southern California and in the Pacific Northwest. As a semi-adult, I was relocated to the south, Texas that is. Although my favorite mug's motto is: "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas" I am still not a Native Texan - and that's cool, I can fake it to a point and will still go to the Rodeo and the Texas State Fair.

During my African American Psych course, we were supposed to read a book, Shifting, which details the faucets of various women's lives and how they shift their personas, mannerisms, speech, etc to get through their daily lives, work, dealing with family, church, civic clubs, etc. Some of us take it to an extreme and some of us don't even realize that we do it. For some, it can be determental because they cannot recognize their true selves.

I know I shift. I hold myself differently while at work. I use more appropriate language, answer the telephone in a manner that you cannot distinguish my race. I write differently. Am I hiding from who I really am? Honestly? No!

But back to the point of this ramble... I've recently made new playlists on my iPod to boost my workouts and they do include some hardcore rap (at least I call it hardcore, explict lyrics and all). So on my walk into work this morning with iPod on play (still listening to yesterday's workout playlist), I ran into a woman who has a higher position than I, but she is not in my department. The slight shift from Gangsta Chick to Work Chick went into full, seamless effect.

A word to those of us who shift...don't lose yourself trying to prove yourself.