Wednesday, July 22, 2009


1. While flipping past America's Got Talent last night, two brothers exhibited immense strength with one balanced on top of the other's neck while the bottom brother balanced on his arm. This is a true testament to strength and skill - I don't think this is talent.

2. My daily drive past a certain church's billboard...sign read "In order to spread happiness, you must divide it". Lead me to think about the quote divide and conquer. Can we conquer this world of hate by dividing happiness?

3. Bumper sticker on the car in front of me read "save beef, run over a chicken" - not a chick-fil-a ad, but a beef herder from Zavalia Farms. Reminded me of all the road kill I saw driving to Beaumont this past weekend. Wonder if the Road Kill Cafe in Northern California is still operating?

Final thought for this morning...I really need to finish cleaning the produce out of my fridge.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Discpline and Will Power...

Two traits I don't think I possess and I came to this realization yesterday while The Fella and I were sitting at BW3 doing my mystery shop. The infomerical for P90X was on. We both said the infomerical highlights people who are either ex-military or ex-athelets, so they, at one point in time did possess some discipline. And I am a firm believer that P90X as well as ChaLeanXtreme will work, if you have the discipline to put the DVD in every day and follow the meal plan. I have exercised great will power in not buying either DVD set (P90X because I know I can't do it and ChaLeanXtreme because I can't afford it - yet!).

I know ya'll say that's negative thinking and on some level you are right. But since my back surgery in 2006, I am not comfortable with jarring moves so I tend to avoid a lot of jumping. So polymetertics is out of the picture.

Ok, so this may not be the workout for me and I am ok with that. But back to the issue of discipline and will power. I have joined a few sites to track my workouts and caloric intake (from and to I half-ass track my caloric intake/burn. I did well when I had to (during my weight loss study), but now that I dont have to turn in weekly reports, I just don't do it. And I know if I did, I would lose these nagging few pounds.

So was it about people who can religiously log on to these sites and post every morsel digested, every step taken, and all I can do is upate my facebook page? Heck, I even tried blogging my food intake and exercise and still can't do that regularly.

So how do I turn what I know will help me into a daily activity once again? Where do people find the restraint to resist the chocolate muffins for breakfast? How do people stay motivated to eat right and workout?

Yet, another saga in the Rambling Girl's life.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I love my car(s)

A short and sweet update on the Coupe saga...I am learning to love my car more and more for a few reasons:

1. Driving 172 miles ranging from 85 to 100 mph (topping off at 95 mph) with the sunroof and the passenger side window open, burning only a 1/4 tank of gas, making slow traffic move right and not feeling the road in my feet or seat = exhilarating.

2. Even with a trunk the size of a shoebox, I was able to stuff 6 letter size boxes plus the overnight bag.

3. It feels like a two-seater

4. The stereo system bumps!

Why I love the Volvo:

1. distinct (and yes, extinct) style - square box style - but what sets mine apart from most others on the road - I have the dual headlights, whereas the newer 240s had a single headlamp.

2. its a smooth ride. Although the overdrive is out, at 70 mph it glides down the highway.

3. its heavy and can take a corner without having to slow down to 35

4. trunk large enough to stow two bodies

5. it fits in my one-car garage!

So, I think the ultimate balance will be to drive each car for a full week. This week is the fighter jet's turn. Next week - Beans and I will hit the road.

I guess I better post some pics, eh?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just some crazy random-ness floating around my skull

Why is it one side of my panties keep riding up?

Why can't my hair look as good in real life as I imagine it in my head?

I need to clean up the explosion in my home office.

Must send out party invitations this week.

Should I get a convo setting or dinning setting for the new patio set?

And on a sad note, I tearfully bid adieu to Filene's Basement, Crabtree & Evelyn, and Eddie Bauer *sniff*

Friday, July 10, 2009

Buyer's Remorse?

Yes, I agonized and antagonized those around me about purchasing my first BRAND NEW CAR. Should I buy it? Should I keep my car? It's more than I want to spend, can I afford it? What color should I get? Should I lease or finance?

This purchase was more difficult than buying a house with my mom and it's not something I want to do every again. An automobile is not like a pair of shoes; I can't return it if I decide I don't like the color, the fit, etc.

So The Fella and I were out for lunch earlier this week and I told him I think I made a mistake in buying my little fighter jet. I got a cross look from him (especially since he had to listen to me moan and groan over the wrong thing for about 3 weeks). Why, honey? He asked in a sweet voice.

And on my way in to work this morning, I realized why I kept thinking that. Everyone has one. It's like seeing some chick with your exact same dress on (regardless if she's wearing it in another color). This car looks just like everyone else's. It's not like the Volvo that stands out like a sore thumb with it's distinct color, rims, trim, etc.

So I am back to moaning about my purchase and I have to figure out a way to personalize it so it doesn't look like the cookie-cutter automobile it is. The one item (although small and no one notices but me) is that mine has foglights and most on the road do not.

Anyhoo - I will find joy in my new ride as soon as I get comfortable driving it and get my seat adjusted properly (too high, too low, too straight up/down, too close to the steering wheel)....

The saga continues.

Photo from

Monday, July 6, 2009

Quickie Update

Well, I've been MIA from writing and lurking on my usual blog sites because I've been on vacation. Finally, an entire week to do what I want, when I want. Yeah, right! But I did take some time off from work.

Here's how I spent my time: Spent some time at the hospital with the Fella when he fell over a chair at the movie theater. Spent some time with a great girlfriend who came down for a visit. Spent time at the dealership buying my FIRST NEW CAR!!!! Spent time painting the bedroom - love the new color. Spent time cleaning the garage and my backyard. Spent time hanging with my family - Mom's all set for our cruise in Sept with the purchase of her 2 new bathing suits!

The things I didn't get to do: clean my office, visit the local museums, head to Galveston. But that's okay since that's what the weekends are for.