Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Discpline and Will Power...

Two traits I don't think I possess and I came to this realization yesterday while The Fella and I were sitting at BW3 doing my mystery shop. The infomerical for P90X was on. We both said the infomerical highlights people who are either ex-military or ex-athelets, so they, at one point in time did possess some discipline. And I am a firm believer that P90X as well as ChaLeanXtreme will work, if you have the discipline to put the DVD in every day and follow the meal plan. I have exercised great will power in not buying either DVD set (P90X because I know I can't do it and ChaLeanXtreme because I can't afford it - yet!).

I know ya'll say that's negative thinking and on some level you are right. But since my back surgery in 2006, I am not comfortable with jarring moves so I tend to avoid a lot of jumping. So polymetertics is out of the picture.

Ok, so this may not be the workout for me and I am ok with that. But back to the issue of discipline and will power. I have joined a few sites to track my workouts and caloric intake (from Wowy.com and caloriecount.com to SparkPeople.com). I half-ass track my caloric intake/burn. I did well when I had to (during my weight loss study), but now that I dont have to turn in weekly reports, I just don't do it. And I know if I did, I would lose these nagging few pounds.

So was it about people who can religiously log on to these sites and post every morsel digested, every step taken, and all I can do is upate my facebook page? Heck, I even tried blogging my food intake and exercise and still can't do that regularly.

So how do I turn what I know will help me into a daily activity once again? Where do people find the restraint to resist the chocolate muffins for breakfast? How do people stay motivated to eat right and workout?

Yet, another saga in the Rambling Girl's life.

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