Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's not really a secret...

and the law of attraction isn't really a real-life law or a physics law, but it's an interesting concept that's been around since the dawn of time and goes by many names (namely, karma or positive thinking).  I didn't realize that I'm a closet optimist until this morning.  I cracked open The Secret since I finished Book of the Dead by Patrica Cornwell - nice transition, huh?

I've never been a self-help book reader, I don't believe in gimmicks or false science, and I haven't mastered the power of prayer; but what I realized is that I've been working the "law of attraction" for some time now.  This is how I moved to NYC and found an apartment under $1000, without paying broker fees and with no alt-side street parking (gosh, how I hated being duped by the city - when you thought you had a spot, you look up only to realize the street sweeper is coming that day down that side of the street - UGH!). My New York days were filled with positive attraction.  Even my move back to Houston was a name it and claim it type of move. Perfect apartment, perfect job (at that time) landed before I even moved back, decent salary.  And it's been an ongoing affair for me. It just took opening this book to realize it. I finished my degree last year not owing a dime to the government, bank or credit card company (just my parents and BF - at least that's no interest payments). I have a job where I don't stress, don't work long hours, and can take time when I want. I have a great BF. I'm able to travel although only nationally for the moment (my ultimate goal is Ibiza, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona for a minimum of 3 weeks).

These are all things I've asked for over the years and they have manifested themselves.

Now wait, I know what you're thinking.  You can't just think good things and they happen. No, you're right. But you can think positive things and put those positive moves into action. You can also set negative events into motion with negative thinking. It's the negativity that I am trying to correct at the moment (for me - it's money and the BF, it's employment) so I am using every tool available to me to change my mindset.

So what you're saying, LaShaune, is that I can think I will win the lotto and *POOF*, become an instant, overnight millionaire. No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that if you want something to happen in your life you have to think about it, you have to claim it and you have to put those actions into motion.

I've said all this as a means to get my BF to start with his power of positive thinking. My goal is getting him to visualize the perfect position, a good company with a solid foundation, a great locale be it in Houston or (hopefully) not Houston. I've given him my mother's copy of the book (my copy came from a co-worker).

Have you read the book?  Do you believe in positive thinking? Do you believe in karma? Are you an optimist or thinking I'm of it?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Struggle Challenge Wk 3

And a struggle it has been.  This week has been rough at work and personally. I flake off my workout on Monday, walked Tuesday with The Fella, roamed the mall Wednesday (not a workout at all), went to the GYN (see yesterday's post).  She swears I will be ok to workout by Saturday but I'm not so sure.

Food intake has been a bit better. I've been making oatmeal the night before using quick oats, 2% milk, dates, cranberries and walnuts.  The only day that really sucked was yesterday when I tired it with Greek yogurt - not a good combo. If you want more quick oats ideas, check out Kath Eats Real Food. She has an homage to Oatmeal! I did give in to my craving and had bean burrito and a taco salad one night (yes, in one sitting). I also downed 2 glasses of wine last night at the encouragement of my MD (well, maybe she didn't say 2 glasses, but she did encourage a glass).

Since I've slacked all week, I woke up promising myself that I would use the hand weights in my office today during my lunch break.

Weight: 162.4 - 2lb gain :((

Upcoming Game Plan
1. Keep up the menu planning and quick oats overnight
2. Go back to regular weekly workouts
3. Strength train 2 x Week - this is still an issue and I need to figure a way to get over it.  I think I will haul my weights  and balance ball downstairs and set them next to the sofa. I can do them while watching TV!

I'm hoping the other ladies doing this challenge are doing better than I am.  How do you deal with crappy work weeks and staying motivated to workout?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yes, I know this is going to be way more than anyone wants to know...but I'm putting out there anyway.

The Fella and I (mainly I) agreed that I would get an IUD.  It would save me $$$ on BC and it's a 1-time thing.  I've been thinking about this for a year now because I forget to take the pill and would forget to insert the Nuvaring on occasion.  For someone NOT trying to harvest babies (as my young med student buddy put it this evening), you'd think I'd be a hell of a lot more proactive about taking my BC.

So today was D-day for insertion.  I thought I was all prepared.  Took my 800mg of Motrin as directed. Yeah, Mortin isn't strong enough! This shit hurts - there's no ifs, ands or buts about it.  It's one painful procedure.

The only good thing about it is that I didn't have to pay a co-pay since this was my well-woman exam.  The other good thing is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new OB-GYN. And the last good thing about this is she prescribed wine!

So if you're considering an IUD as a means of BC, just know that it hurts worse than the most painful menstrual cramps.  Something I wish someone would have told me before having this done.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Secretary's Day

When did being a secretary become a dirty job?  I know fetching coffee, diet cokes and water is not my ideal day and I detest answering the phone (although we have a receptionist of sorts), but seriously when did it become so horrid to say that you're a secretary.

What's with the all the political correctness?  Why change the name to Adminsitrative Professional?  Now everyone from IT to billing can jump on the bandwagon and my hard earned stepping and fetching just gets lumped in with everyone else.

Um, no!

I am gatekeeper. I am the one you have to deal with to schedule meetings, book flights, get reimbursed, send correspondence (heck, write them for you), pulls journal articles, order flowers, condolence cards, birthday gifts. I am the reminder of the stuff that is due, overdue, so far past due that they've moved on without you. I am the organized one who schedules your MD appointments within days, gets your medical bills discounted or waived all together. I am the one who figures out why your iPod touch keeps playing the same song over and over again (duh, it's on single repeat).

The billing clerk doesn't assist, the IT guy is no where to be found when the printer jams or your can't access Outlook.

So forget Administrative Professionals day.  Let them figure out their own Support Services day.  Today is my day, damn it.

It's Secretary's Day!!!!  Now will someone please answer the phone? (oops, that's my job!)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Skinny Pants Struggle: Wk 2

I am typing this as I eat Smokehouse BBQ potato the quest for clean eating is still a quest. I have to make a trip to the supermarket for more fruit, cottage cheese and other necessities this weekend. Hmmm, maybe I will treat myself and go to Whole Foods or Central Market :)

Measurements - still none.  But I weighed this morning and I'm up 1 lb.  161.0. That's ok because I know it's just water.  I tend to really fret when it fluctuates 3-5 lbs.

Workouts: I did one thing right. I added a strength class.  It's only 30 mins, but it's a start. I am hoping we don't have to do those damn walking planks tomorrow since my traps hurt like a small monkey is stratteling my shoulders from that odd tortoure machince that is the recumbent ellipitcal. This is probably the easiest part for me because I love my workouts and finally have a schedule that works for me.

Game plan for this coming week:
1. add a second day of strength training
2. start (restart) a food journal
3. less junk, more good food in my diet - damn those chips!!!!

If you're thinking of getting in the game, check out Erin's progress. She's also linked the others who have manned up! Good luck Ladies!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gotta know when to hold em...

You also have to know when it's good to pack your pens, post-it notes, and steno pads and hit the road.  The writing is on the wall and I need to take heed. Funny though, I've never been this indecisive about searching for employment; nor have I ever been this worried (my lack of emergency fund shows that).  Of course, our economy hasn't sucked this bad ever in my lifespan.

I can't sit here much longer and feign surprise when the news reports possible layoffs at my university even before our upcoming Town Hall meetings. Nor can I sit here and think that my job is secure, regardless of what my boss and Administrator tell me. There is no such thing as job security any longer (hard for my parents to believe). So I am taking the plunge and updating my profile as well as considering a Linkedn profile. Although, I should probably take this as a sign to do what I think may be right for me - professional organizer and freelance assistant. For some odd reason, I keep thinking having a few clients and not being tied to a desk not located in my house is the thing for me.

And then I think...I need a paycheck. I have bills to pay, mortgage to cover, car note, and of course shopping. I think, I really don't want to bust  my tail (I'm getting too old for the 24hr access assistant). And back to the indecision - I want to actually work vs. websurf daily. I want to do more than just answer the phone and get diet cokes all day. I want to manage projects and put my stamp on something signficant vs. writing letters of recommendation for faculty members.  And then I'm back to, but I like not working hard and the thought of going to grad school without the worries of major work deadlines.

What to do, what to do...

Monday, April 12, 2010

That which makes you stronger...

totally makes your butt hurt. Or at least your hamstrings.

So in order to incorporate strength training into my workout schedule, I told myself during REM sleep Friday night that I would take the toning class following my Saturday butt-kicking kickboxing class.  I could see the evil gleam in my instructor's eye as she bubbly told me I would thoroughly enjoy it. Ha! Ha!

I wasn't going to jump in head first and use the 8-10lbs. I planned to start out slow and light.  Please hand me the 3-4lbs dumbbells. Thank you.

The sets were seamless and easy - nothing fancy, no sumo squats or cherry pickers or dead-lifting your neighbor and her weights. It all seemed like a normal strength class.  Until....

Crazy move, enter stage right. We did a walking plank. WTF? Moving from walking plank to tricep push up on the bench.  Who-da-hell?!??!?  Let's just say, I did 1 set of walking planks and stretched for the kamikaze tricep push-ups. I still have grooves indented in my palms from the bench.

Note to self...remember to not only pack weight gloves, but wear them next time!

I was expecting my upper body to be sore,  but alas, it is my hamstrings that are crying to be let loose.  So folks, I will spend most of today (Monday) stretching and sucking down Aleeve and water.

Workout plan for Monday:  Zumba!  At least some butt shaking and gyrating will help.

What's your workout plan for today? How do you psych yourself up for your workouts? What's your favorite strength move?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fat Bottomed Girls

The lovely and ever-so-hip Erin has invited us to a slim down challenge. Today is kick-off day and I'm already off to a half-assed start: I haven't taken my measurements.  I did, however, weigh-in this morning and I'm pretty damn happy with the number: 160.4!!! Whoop Whoop. That's a 1 lb loss this week, and 3 lbs down over the past 2 weeks - oh yeah!!!!

My goal:  Reach 150 lbs - no date set in stone (especially since that been my goal for over two years now).

My eating plan: Eat clean 80%, eat what I want 20% everyday.  This means packing my breakfast, lunch and snacks (oh heck, better menu planning). Cutting back on those "hint o lime" Doritos that I love (damn-it) and wings with The Fella on game night - argh!!!!

My workout plan:

Monday: Kickboxing or Zumba
Tuesday: Walk with The Fella
Wednesday: Zumba
Thursday: Kickboxing
Saturday: Kickboxing

I need to get some strength training and yoga in this plan. 

Are you entering the challenge? What's your game plan?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Why would you get married?

Hmmmm, Mr. Madea has asked a similar question in 2 films now.  I spent Easter with The Fella vs. my family in Beaumont (I couldn't deal with the drive out and back). So with the snafu change in plans, we decided to go to an early movie. He is now banned from picking films (Debbie Downer). Watching Why Did I Get Married Too brought out so many emotions and we're still talking about it (I'm a big fan of communication). If you haven't seen the movie, I will try not to put spoilers here.

That is the majorly awesome thing about The Fella and me - we talk, IM, e-mail.  If crap is bugging us, we will go for a walk and talk it out. I'm a major planner, so for our trips we talk about every aspect from airline, hotels, car rentals, places to see/do on which day/time, how much $ to take along, what clothes to pack, etc. etc. The one time I didn't plan our trip out to the exact letter we floundered around New Orleans for places to eat and things to do.

I think we talk more than most couples (but I'm hopefully wrong). He identified mostly with Troy and Sheila because of his current work situation. Times are rough, not just for him, but for a lot of people (men and women) in the real world. We tend to let pride stand in our way and don't like to ask for help.  The Fella can be prideful, but he has put it on the back burner and let me help him. I've had a friend revamp his resume, I tell people I know (and some I don't) that he's looking, I send him job postings almost daily. But the reason he doesn't blow up at this (like Troy does in the film) is because I let him know what I'm doing or I'll ask before putting out any private information.

I spent most of the film frustrated and angry because a majority of the issues between all the couples except Pat and Calvin (well maybe theirs as well) could have been avoided if they would just talk to each other.

But talking isn't just about 1 person getting things off their chest. It encompasses active listening on both parts. Sometimes we have to reiterate what was just said to make sure that it was heard correctly. Some convos don't require action plans, but all require feedback. Letting your partner know that his/her qualms were heard and understood is important.

The Fella and I aren't perfect by any measurements, but he let's me know that I don't nag (my fear because I am a control freak) and I don't smother or emasculate him.  Although I have no plans on giving birth, I tend to be the Mother Hen of my friends and have a very dominant personality. By no means is my guy a wimp so knowing that I don't make him feel like one is good to know.  The major breakthrough with our convos is that he is getting to the point where he says it like it is. It used to be "let me see how I can put this". For me, the straight-from-the-hip person, that becomes annoying. I find myself saying "Just say it".  He's getting there.

But this isn't all about The Fella.  It's been a HUGE learning experience for me. I used to be the one who would say anything, especially if I was hurt - I would want my partner to hurt just as badly. I've learned to temper my temper. There's is nothing worse than saying something aloud - because you can't take it back. If I'm really (no, really) angry over something, I'll write it out, then tear it up. From that point forward, I feel like a human again and can have an adult convo without the you, you, you....

Well, enough of all my talking.  Have you seen the movie (part 1 or part 2)? What did you think? Are you and your partner talkers? How do you resolve conflicts with your partner?