Friday, April 9, 2010

Fat Bottomed Girls

The lovely and ever-so-hip Erin has invited us to a slim down challenge. Today is kick-off day and I'm already off to a half-assed start: I haven't taken my measurements.  I did, however, weigh-in this morning and I'm pretty damn happy with the number: 160.4!!! Whoop Whoop. That's a 1 lb loss this week, and 3 lbs down over the past 2 weeks - oh yeah!!!!

My goal:  Reach 150 lbs - no date set in stone (especially since that been my goal for over two years now).

My eating plan: Eat clean 80%, eat what I want 20% everyday.  This means packing my breakfast, lunch and snacks (oh heck, better menu planning). Cutting back on those "hint o lime" Doritos that I love (damn-it) and wings with The Fella on game night - argh!!!!

My workout plan:

Monday: Kickboxing or Zumba
Tuesday: Walk with The Fella
Wednesday: Zumba
Thursday: Kickboxing
Saturday: Kickboxing

I need to get some strength training and yoga in this plan. 

Are you entering the challenge? What's your game plan?


Work With What You've Got said...

If you prefer to weigh yourself, that's totally cool. And GO YOU!~ Congrats.

I did take my measurements AND a pic in the jeans. Imma get it up later, but I am NOT excited.

Linda said...

Wow, I am too scaredy cat to weigh myself. You go girl! WOOT

Struggler said...

Completely by coincidence, I have eaten really well for the past 2 days. Psychologically, I feel about 10 pounds lighter, but I doubt it's even 1 so far :)

LaShaune said...

@Erin: believe it or not, I don't have tight jeans. I gave my last pair to my mom!

@Linda: I actually weigh twice daily (AM and PM) as a way to keep me and my eating in check. Sometimes it backfires (like today) because when I'm down a few lbs, I use that as an excuse to eat crap (hamburger & fries for dinner). So I need to really focus on clean eating - that's really my major goal.

@Struggler: Yes, I've noticed that as well. So like with my money, I need to learn how to channel willpower to not over induldge or eat a bunch of crap.

Lisa said...

Great goals! I haven't weighed myself in a while and am measuring my progress solely based off how my pants fit, which isn't very good right now.
I'm trying to focus on eating cleaner too. If you come up with any good clean recipes or snacks please share them! Right now my fave is veggies dipped in hummus.

LaShaune said...

@Lisa: Thanks! The queen of Easting Clean, Tosca Reno has a freebie shopping list and wonderful cookbook out: Right now, I'm stuck on blackberries, cottage cheese and mulled flaxseed and vanilla Greek yogurt with natural honey. It's a great fix for my sugar cravings!