Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Secretary's Day

When did being a secretary become a dirty job?  I know fetching coffee, diet cokes and water is not my ideal day and I detest answering the phone (although we have a receptionist of sorts), but seriously when did it become so horrid to say that you're a secretary.

What's with the all the political correctness?  Why change the name to Adminsitrative Professional?  Now everyone from IT to billing can jump on the bandwagon and my hard earned stepping and fetching just gets lumped in with everyone else.

Um, no!

I am gatekeeper. I am the one you have to deal with to schedule meetings, book flights, get reimbursed, send correspondence (heck, write them for you), pulls journal articles, order flowers, condolence cards, birthday gifts. I am the reminder of the stuff that is due, overdue, so far past due that they've moved on without you. I am the organized one who schedules your MD appointments within days, gets your medical bills discounted or waived all together. I am the one who figures out why your iPod touch keeps playing the same song over and over again (duh, it's on single repeat).

The billing clerk doesn't assist, the IT guy is no where to be found when the printer jams or your can't access Outlook.

So forget Administrative Professionals day.  Let them figure out their own Support Services day.  Today is my day, damn it.

It's Secretary's Day!!!!  Now will someone please answer the phone? (oops, that's my job!)


Sheila said...

I agree with you - I'm an administrator, but I'm not a secretary. And what's wrong with calling it what it is??

Savvy Gal said...

True true!

butterfly09 said...

I totally agree with this people make it seem like being a secretary is a lowly job they act like you should feel ashamed to be a secretary. or they say shes "just" a secretary I hate that. we take on alot of responsibility so thank heavens for secretary day!!!!!!!