Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've been to Sky Lab

Well, technically not the official Sky Lab but if you read along you'll get it.

Yea for me. I'm officially a runner. Or at least I have my first injury (almost injury. It only hurts when I touch it). This is what happens when you go against the grain of never enjoying running to pushing yourself to entering a challenge with your brother who is working in Afghanistan to run 25 miles/week. I never made to the last part.  So, I "think" I have an inflamed IT band (at least it hurts when I press on it - stop pressing on it) and was advised to rest (no running), take anti-inflams, ice and buy better sneakers.  Gosh - just when I was starting to like this.  Ok, yes I know I need new sneakers.

So since I'm not running and my TKB classes aren't till the end of the week (plus I missed body pump - don't tell Liza, but I'm sure she already knows), I did get in a mini round of bicep challenge Saturday before heading to ArtCrawl Houston as part of my month-long birthday celebration.

So getting back to Sky Lab and the 6-pack in basketball shorts.  No, I can't afford her 4K personal workout session.  I can afford her $10 DVD and I do workout in one of my upstairs bedrooms, so it's kinda like being on the top floor overlooking a beautiful skyline (even if it's only my backyard). I pulled the cellophane of Jackie Warner's Power Circuit Training DVD (I wont tell you that I've had it since the summer) and watched the 15-min lower body and ab sections. I thought "What the heck - seems harmless". She's a proponent for HIT (high intensity training) and what better way to do that for a weight training slacker like me, than circuit training?


Although she's not perky and cheerleader-ish like Chalene Johnson, Jackie loves to say "if you're not feeling the burn, you aren't working it". I came home last night with all intentions on doing her 40-min total body and let's just say I felt the burn, felt it burn so good I got lightheaded and lost a bit of hearing and that was only the lower body portion. My take on it - if you're not feeling the burn, you don't even have the DVD playing.

Yes, I'm serious about the hearing. And yes, I know enough to slow my ass down and breathe. I waited until my hearing came back and my heart rate was back to normal before moving on to upper body. I survived 23 minutes (lower body and 1/2 upper body) of her 40-min kick your butt workout. I am determined to make it through all 40-mins.

I can't believe I've waited this long to try her workout. It will kick your butt and make you beg for more.  Her Power Burn sections BURN!!! So if you have a hankering for a new workout DVD, pick this one up.  I guess I better find her first DVD in my stack and pull the wrapping off that one too.

Burn baby burn.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank goodness I'm not 16 and preggers...

This is really stuck in my craw and I can't dislodge it.  My father is really perturbed by the fact that I am considering moving to California to be with The Fella because we aren't married. Apparently, this is topic du jour between my parents. 

Someone please give me some insight into this...

I am late 30s/he is early 40s. I don't want children / he already has children and no plans for additional kids - maybe a Labrador. Yes, we've only been dating for approximately 2 years (maybe 3 this coming Easter - can't really remember since it feels as if I've known him forever - ahhhhh). Granted my parents aren't the most open-minded folks in their early 60s, but hey, at least The Fella is the same color scheme as I am.

Say I move to Cali and things go sour. I can't find a job, all my crap is crowding his space, I don't like the fact that he puts the toilet paper on backwards, whatever...and we decide to call it quits. Hello - not married...I can pack my crap and go - no need for quickie island divorce. And Cali is community property. So if I won the lottery right before splitville, I'd have to share my winnings with him. So let's hope I win the lottery while living single in Texas (fingers crossed)!

I'm not saying that we're heading towards singledom anytime soon. He's a wonderful dude. But I'm just saying - I like having my options open.

So what's the big deal if we're married or not heading West?  Would it be a big deal if he was still here and we were shacking up under the current roof? Probably not. What's the worse that could happen shacking up 1800 miles away from my dad? Is he planning to write me out of his will and leave all his hidden millions to the neighborhood cat.  Doubt it. Or does he secretly want to shell out 100K for my wedding?  Hmmm, maybe if I present the proposal for the cost he'd have to pay, he'll look at shacking up as a blessing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's so....


I've got to say I'm proud of myself, workout-wise, because I finally made it to Wk5 of C25K. I've even done the run 1-1/2 times through. My next run, I will shoot for the Day 3 schedule of straight 20mins.

I got home all sweaty and ready to dig in to the 2nd hour (the elimination hour) of Biggest Loser.  I hear Jillian say "I want a 10-min mile".  WTH! I am barely doing a 14-min mile (and I was so happy to finally get my mile time to 14mins) and she has these folks doing 10-min miles. I also noticed the amount of weights lifted. I thought I was doing well even made it to 3 sets of 21s with 8lb dumbbells (that darn bicep challenge). These chicks are lifting much more than that.

So I came down from my 3-mile high and had a glass of wine to cover the pain.

Then, Merry's post really hit home. There will always be someone fitter than me, so stop comparing myself to others, especially those on BL. I will continue to make the strides I am making.  Yes, I probably could run faster and I may challenge myself on the next run. Yes, I probably could lift heavier weights, so I will take the BodyPump class on Saturday. Check out the promo below, I'm in for a world of hurt - hurt so good!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Clap your hands and Stomp your feet...

Cuz, it's my birthday, yo!

Yeah - so happy birthday to me.

It didn't start out so great. I got stuck in the mud trying to pick up a kid who must have missed his bus because he was walking towards the train station, in the mud.

But, 2 strangers came and pushed me out of the mud!

I got to work and my parking spot was open, another plus. I found out I left my purse at home (no license, no wallet, no ID, no office key, no make-up for after work) - bummer.

My fav security guard was manning the door - breezed right in.

My boss was in the office this morning with the door locked. I knocked several times - he never opened.

I walked to the admin office to retrieve spare key and my co-worker brought me brisket.

Cupcakes will be delivered at 1130am today. Drinks at T'afia at 5pm tonight, laughing at art at the MFA-Houston to follow, dinner at Dolce Vita at 730 with some super smart women. If you're in Houston, feel free to join me along the way - you're more than welcome.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's French for Chicken

I am not Julia Child by any stretch of the imagination.  Heck, when I lived in NYC I had to call my mom to ask her how to make dirty rice.  But I've been itching to make something warm and yummy in my crock pot - something easy using items I normally buy.

Viola! Coq au Vin. It's sounds more fru-fru when you say it all French-y.

I used this recipe. I need to tweak this if I plan to make it again.  I used dark meat chicken - not a good thing since you don't drain off the fat - grrr. I also used a Cab-Sav for the wine base. It wasn't as warm as I expected. I was told next time to use a free range French hen (um yeah, I will have it imported), but I will probably use lean chicken breast and as for a warmer wine - I will probably use Egri Merlot.

Have you made Coq au Vin in the crock pot?  Any additional suggestions?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Lou Forrigno's Birthday

Happy Birthday to the Incredible Hulk.  Also, a very happy birthday to The Fella.

When we "met" through Yahoo personals, browsing through his photos, my first thought was wow - he's really cute and looks kinda like The Hulk. Luckily, he doesn't go all green and stomp across the land destroying bad guys.

Happy Birthday.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clothes make the Gal

What do you wear to workout?  Baggy sweats? Old and faded tshirts? Dirty sneakers?

Ever look over at the treadmill next to you or the track ahead and see a woman in full color-coordinated gear and think "wow, she must have a lot of time/money on her hands?"  Ever see those Lululemon or Lucy stores and think "I'd never spend $60 on a sports bra or $40 on a top?".

Yeah, I say the same thing. I do try to match my workout clothes but they do tend to be ill-fitting. I've purchased those "stylish" yoga pants at Wally World only to look at myself in the gym mirror in horror and think "where the hell did that pooch come from" knowing it was only the super thick fold-over flap of the pants!

Well folks, while in Scottsdale Mom and I hit some thrift shops and guess what I picked up?  A brand spanking new pair of Lucy yoga pants at a steep discount. Let's just say I'm tempted to throw out all my workout pants/shorts and only wear these pants day after day. I did wear them all day long on Saturday since my game plan was to workout (I didn't get a chance to since my errands took much longer than anticipated).  These pants make your boo-tay look awesome!  No added belly pooch since the top of the pant sits right below the low waist without the need to keep yanking them up throughout the workout. And best of all - no camel toe!

I did wear them on Monday for Wk 3 / Day 3 of C25K (I am finally making it to Week 4!!!) and TKB.  My only complaint was that by this time, the legs were stretched out and during the kick section of TKB, I kept stepping on the bottom of the pants. I am sure after laundry day, they will fit just fine.

FYI - this post was NOT sponsored by anyone. I was just so hyped about my new-to-me workout pants. I did also purchase a top but that wont be worn until the Spring (it's finally getting cooler). Now, I'm scouring ebay for another pair and hopefully a matching top.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Days of...

Apparently November is the month of 30-day challenges.  I'm not so great with challenges. I start off strong/gung-ho and end up...well, eh!!

But November is also my birthday month (11/11). Woo Hoo.  I have, in the past, planned events for the entire month and as this may be my last birthday in Houston (can you tell I'm sad?  Not!!!), I am going to shoot for 30 days of fun which will include weekly workouts.

So here's a quickie, tentative schedule:

11/3 - Tosca Reno book signing
11/4 - Jazz event at Miller Outdoor Theatre
11/6 - RenFest
11/12 - HSPVA Jazz Show
11/13 - 9 to 5 Musical
11/21 - show at the Alley

There are a few gallery openings I need to add into the schedule and of course my workouts, but I think it's a good start.

Any other November babies out there?  What are your plans?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Going to the Chapel

But I aint gettin married. Much to the chagrin of my father.

The Fella got promoted (that's what I'm calling it) and will be heading to The Sunshine State soon! Oh yeah...real beaches, SFO airport, and former NBA star Kevin Johnson as Mayor - boy CA loves to put entertainers into politics. I guess that keeps things entertaining?  I know, lame.

He's asked me to accompany him on this new venture (as he calls it). I say, hell yeah - I'm Audi 5000 G! (yes, super duper strong cafe ole this morning). But seriously, it's a good time for us both.  A new start. A real job for him but a pull away from our families (especially right at the holidays). Yes, he's giving up being able to see his children daily. I'm giving up the comfort of my affordable home, a decent job (although I'm not sure how long that would last), a handful of friends. But we're gaining the excitement of new surroundings, better weather, better food, crappier drivers, the potential for me to do something different other than write letters of recommendation, book airline tickets and grab cokes (I probably will be doing the same thing in CA at least for 2 years until I finish this second degree, but the potential is there) and best of all, he and I are doing it together (well sorta - he goes first, does all the apt hunting, getting the utilities connected, buying new furniture - the crap I don't want to do).

So when I mentioned the "opportunity" to my father, his response was that he didn't see a reason for me to go since we're not married. That I'm giving up a good job for uncertainty. Um yeah...ok. This was said obviously before Sunday's article (see above). But let's take a step back.

1. When I was 25 I called myself running away to San Fran to be with the love of my life. Boy was I dumb. That quickly dissolved and I had to call my folks and beg to be let back home. I swore I would never move anywhere behind a man.

2. The VERY next year I moved to NYC because my boss asked me to.  See contradiction above.  I lived there until the day the towers came down (actually 2 days following) since my mom's flight was diverted to Birmingham, AL.

So I'm 2 years shy of 40 and am now faced with the option to move with the man I  love (this time fur-real) or stay in the town I only tolerate.  Houston is fun to a point, but the nomad in me has been itching for new scenery. I don't do long distance relationships. In my opinion, THEY SUCK. If I'm only going to see a person one weekend a month, I may as well join the Army Reserves so at least I'd get paid for that heartache and aggravation.

I think I will take my chances and go west, unmarried and potentially unemployed for a month.

What would you do?