Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've been to Sky Lab

Well, technically not the official Sky Lab but if you read along you'll get it.

Yea for me. I'm officially a runner. Or at least I have my first injury (almost injury. It only hurts when I touch it). This is what happens when you go against the grain of never enjoying running to pushing yourself to entering a challenge with your brother who is working in Afghanistan to run 25 miles/week. I never made to the last part.  So, I "think" I have an inflamed IT band (at least it hurts when I press on it - stop pressing on it) and was advised to rest (no running), take anti-inflams, ice and buy better sneakers.  Gosh - just when I was starting to like this.  Ok, yes I know I need new sneakers.

So since I'm not running and my TKB classes aren't till the end of the week (plus I missed body pump - don't tell Liza, but I'm sure she already knows), I did get in a mini round of bicep challenge Saturday before heading to ArtCrawl Houston as part of my month-long birthday celebration.

So getting back to Sky Lab and the 6-pack in basketball shorts.  No, I can't afford her 4K personal workout session.  I can afford her $10 DVD and I do workout in one of my upstairs bedrooms, so it's kinda like being on the top floor overlooking a beautiful skyline (even if it's only my backyard). I pulled the cellophane of Jackie Warner's Power Circuit Training DVD (I wont tell you that I've had it since the summer) and watched the 15-min lower body and ab sections. I thought "What the heck - seems harmless". She's a proponent for HIT (high intensity training) and what better way to do that for a weight training slacker like me, than circuit training?


Although she's not perky and cheerleader-ish like Chalene Johnson, Jackie loves to say "if you're not feeling the burn, you aren't working it". I came home last night with all intentions on doing her 40-min total body and let's just say I felt the burn, felt it burn so good I got lightheaded and lost a bit of hearing and that was only the lower body portion. My take on it - if you're not feeling the burn, you don't even have the DVD playing.

Yes, I'm serious about the hearing. And yes, I know enough to slow my ass down and breathe. I waited until my hearing came back and my heart rate was back to normal before moving on to upper body. I survived 23 minutes (lower body and 1/2 upper body) of her 40-min kick your butt workout. I am determined to make it through all 40-mins.

I can't believe I've waited this long to try her workout. It will kick your butt and make you beg for more.  Her Power Burn sections BURN!!! So if you have a hankering for a new workout DVD, pick this one up.  I guess I better find her first DVD in my stack and pull the wrapping off that one too.

Burn baby burn.


Tricia said...

I feel your (ITB) pain. :( hope it gets better soon.


and foam roll!

LaShaune said...

Thanks Tricia. I'm not touching it/poking it. I do need to roll around on some foam so I think it will be a party in my upstairs faux-Sky Lab tonight!