Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It totally pays...

To workout when The Biggest Loser is on.

Well, actually I did an hour before the show started and I have to say that I think the C25K is working. Yesterday, I ran (except for a 5min warm-up and a 5min walking break) for 4 miles!!! I am so proud of myself. The last 1/2 mile took forever, but the commercial showing Elizabeth pushing through her issues keep me prodding along (I would have voted her off a long time ago). Ada makes me smile each time the show comes on.  She runs circles around those guys! Go Ada!

So a pat on my back for 4 miles in 50mins even with the crappy treadmill with an incline-mind of its own (the incline kept lowering).  I don't think I will get in 25 miles this week, but I know I can do another 4 tomorrow (Zumba tonight) and Sunday, totaling 16 miles.

So what's your woo whoo for the day? Who are your cheering for on BL?


Cat said...

You know what? I don't think I have ever seen that program. I need to record it, I guess. I know what it IS, just haven't watched it... Hmmm...

What's my woo whoo for today? Weigh in, AFTER thanksgiving, and some questionable choices, but with the extra exercise, I lost some!

You have a wonderful day!

LaShaune said...

Hey Cat - that's awesome!! I'm just glad I didn't gain (I didn't lose any either) after enjoying mountains of my mom's cornbread dressing and dirty rice. Yum Yum, I love holiday eating.

The Merry said...

That is AWESOME! I am very impressed with you.

For watching BL, of course.
Nothing to do with running for a fantastic 4 mile run.
No, not at all.
Not a bit.
Not me.

Oh, who am I kidding!

LaShaune said...

Thanks Merry. I've never been able to run even 1 mile (probably the main reason I HATED ROTC) before C25K so I'm totally pumped!

Fashion Guru said...

great your blog. still reading all other posts