Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To be Carrie Bradshaw

and to have her closet would be any girl's dream.

Yes, I know I'm super late...but I FINALLY saw Sex in the City, The Movie (the first one). And yes, I'm one of those who tends to think of Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie and Samantha as my friends too. I've watched the show  for so long now, these fictional characters do tend to feel like friends.  So forgive me if I sit on my sofa and talk back to the screen.

There were a few things that irk me with Miranda.  Her character is so self-centered, self-driven. Women complain about not having a good man, about absentee fathers, or just plain lazy men. Here, she has a man who just wants to love her and be a good father. Miranda totally emasculates Steve and  like a faithful puppy-dog, he accepts this behavior. Stop being so mean Miranda.

Personally, I would never have a man in my life that I could treat in such a manner. For as forward thinking as I am, I still want the man to be a man. Stand up for himself and me. Protect me in a knife or gun fight. Change the flat tire and repair the fence. This isn't an Enjoli commercial, but I will cook bacon every now and again.

But what really had me mulling over the bits and pieces of my life, was the original marriage proposal between Big and Carrie. At this age, why does it matter? If you're committed to each other and are happy with the direction of your relationship, why do you need to get married? Ok, so there is the fear of losing such a great closet...but that's TV - not real life. And you can put both names on property without being married. Should I feel some extra security after marriage? Is there a chance of a bigger closet filled with better shoes following the honeymoon?

I'm not opposed to marriage. Yes, I've even contemplated the dress (it's that strapless, tea length Calvin Klein hanging in my closet), the shoes (a pair of gold satin peep toes), the ring (non-traditional citrine set in white gold), the number of people to invite (as few as possible), even where (the Cathedral in Galveston, TX or the little white chapel in Pearland, TX - I just love the look from the outside). But I don't want to get wrapped up in the event. I'd rather be wrapped up his arms nightly.

So my life is not like Sex in the City (seriously, who walks around Manhattan in 4" heels. I snapped a 2" Bally heel in half walking 2 blocks between MSKCC and a parking garage), but I do have to say that my relationship with The Fella doesn't necessarily need to be held to a contract, but that citrine ring would be a nice touch.



to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

hell girl, at you least you found yourself a good man! I'm still on the look-out, hoping to not give out all together.

LaShaune said...

Hey Kim - I wouldn't give up hope. Yes, there are a bunch of weasels out there and we need to shoot them so they wont keep circling back around. But I also think we need to learn how to treat the few good ones that are out there.

You're so super sweet, your guy is coming - I just know it.

Carli said...

LaShaune you're a "Sexie" too?! I love sex and the city! Have you seen part 2. Not good as part 1, but definitely more of the life love and drama we know as Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Sam.

Savvy Gal said...

i think it is important to focus on the relationship first. marriage is great but not end all be all.... : )

Anonymous said...

If people put half as much thought into their relationship as they did their wedding, there would probably be a lot less divorces.

Miranda bothered me as well, but I still liked the movie. It's nice to get caught up in other people's lives sometimes (especially people whose lives are far more glamorous than my own). Now you have to watch the second one!