Monday, May 31, 2010

A Good Girl Scout is Always Prepared.

A motto that I must remember to reapply to the important things in my life:  money and health.

My finances are still out of whack and getting uglier. I don't know why and I can't figure out how (yes, I've tried writing down every penny) but I'm not giving up.  I am, however, giving my accounts over to The Fella.  Now wait just a minute before the bells and whistles start going off.  No, I'm not Regina Bell.  I am not putting total trust of my accounts in his hands to do as he wishes all willy nilly.  I am asking him to help me avoid overspending, to save money, and get me back on financial track. I've given it a try, a retry, and a third attempt but I keep ending up in a deeper hole.  This sucks!  So as a way to dig out and stay out, he will take my bankcard and dole out gas and grocery money.

Yeah, I could just leave my bankcard at home, but that's temptation. I could just say "you don't need that" but I will talk myself into it. I've done it more times than I would like to count. I need to be able to help out him and/or my family and not running to them to bail me out. So enter, stage right, my financial knight in shinning green armor - The Fella.

As for my health, I've had an "Aha!" moment this weekend. I stay on an eating plan during the week because I plan my meals (at least this is the 2nd week) and I pack my lunch bag with breakfast, lunch and snacks (been doing that for a while now).  I need to do this on the weekend as well.  Left to my own devices, I've eaten poorly 2 weekends in a row.  2 cheat meals (Jackie Warner's suggestion) turn into 2 full day of cheating which completely negates the good eating and strong workouts during the week. Enter stage left, Tosca Reno's suggestion of packing a lunch bag EVERY DAY with clean eats. That means Monday through Sunday - no cheating. Well,  maybe 1 freebie meal - but in moderation.

When things aren't working, how often do you reassess your plans? Do you ask others for help or keeping trying solo?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cables and Pullies and Weights...

Oh my!

Today was an eye opener to say the least at the gym.  As a reward for being a 24 Hour Fitness member (and to sell training sessions), I received a freebie session which was scheduled for today!  And yes, I'm that type of client who reads a lot, have had previous trainers, and I know everything - just need to put it into practice.  Well, okay maybe I don't know everything. But I know I can't afford 3-6 monthly sessions with a personal trainer.  So, I used my freebie to learn about the one machine that scares me...the FreeMotion machine.

But before we get to the exercises, let's just say that the taping, calipers, and % of body fat was not good news. But numbers don't lie.  36.75% body fat. YIKES!!!!

So LaShaune what's your game plan to get that number below 30 and moving into the 25% range?  Enter FreeMotion machine aka the cable machine.

Ariel was a doll to walk me through overhead press, standing row, bicep curls, tricep throws, chest fly,  and a tricep press (or the imaginary table top tricep move).  Oh yeah, she made me do abs too (plank, crunches, and an oblique move). I get to lay off the lateral and front raises for a while.

Now the game plan is to work in 2 days/week of strength training (those 10 min toning sessions at work are just the tip of the iceberg) and keep up the clean-eating.  There isn't a date set, but I'm thinking of re-doing the taping and calipers within 6-8 weeks.

Do you strength train?  Do you prefer machines, free weights, bands, cables or do you rotate them all?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is Why You're Fat

Because I've wasted more time reading the first 80 pages (out of 207, not including the index and appendices) of Jackie Warner's book.

Earth to Ms. Warner...You are NOT the biggest loser, or the next the contestant on the Price is Right, or providing us with any groundbreaking, earth-shattering new developments in the weight loss game. So please, oh for the love of Nutrisystem, please stop the madness (what the hell happened to Susan Powter anyway?).

I'm so delighted that I read Tosca's revamped Eat-Clean book before picking up what will now become my dumbbell alternative.  Essentially, This is Why You're Fat tells you to eat clean 7 days/week with 2 freebie meals on the weekends. Ok - fine.  TIWYF continues to hound suggest that you take additional supplements and lay off the cow's milk (no moo-cow milk?) because the pesticides and heinous methods in which veggies and animals are farmed deplete the body of the natural BCCAs, vitamins and minerals and cause our livers to be toxic. Um, ok. I can kinda see it.

And that's where I've ended. I can't get past her self-righteous writing (or ghost writing).  She touts this information as her own personal, new fangled diet that will work magic. Just use her 2-week jump start method and you're well on your way to being thin. The information I have gleamed in the first 80 pages is no different from the Eat-Clean Diet. As a matter of fact, it's about 90% identical. So contrary to what you believe, Ms. Warner, your book/information is not original.

Dude...I'm over this type of hype. I don't think I can read another page of "this is why my way" blah blah blah crap. At this point, her book will be useful performing tricep throws, bicep curls and I may be able to use it to work on my core balance. I will, however, stick to her workout DVDs. Those I like!

Do you read diet books, magazines?  What's your favorite source for health/fitness information?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Excuse me. That was rude.

There's tons of talk out here in the blog world of exercise for non-exercise/non-scale victories aka NSV (it took me forever to figure out that acronym. I'm old and slow what more can I say). Well today is not one of those days. Today is my pat on the back, my gold star day of accomplishing something I said I would never, ever do.

What the heck did you do, LaShaune? Rob a bank?  Buy a pair of Jimmy Choos? Did you order those Cleopatra earrings and necklace from Wendy Brandes? I wish! Actually, I'd love her swear rings, but that's for another day.

Ok, I'm back from my daydreams...

What I did was a burpee. 

What the hell is a burpee, you ask?  Oh, honey you haven't lived until you've accomplished this:

Check the vid for the proper form. These are part of the TKB turbo section in rounds 39 and 40. I actually did 3 (then went to modified) last night!

What have you accomplished exercise-wise recently?

Friday, May 21, 2010

What do you mean, it's not fun?

I don't understand when folks say that exercise is not fun. WTH?  Granted, I go through phases when I love to workout at home (yea for TurboJam), outside or at the gym. Right now, I'm in the gym-rat phase. I get a high from my current schedule of Kickboxing (Mon, Thurs & Sat), Walking w/ The Fella (Tue), Zumba (Wed). Just this week, I've conned gotten a co-worker into10 minute toning sessions. 1 day was upper body using reams of copy paper and 1 day was squats and walking lunges.  I got a huge smile from her this morning as she said she felt a little burn going down her stairs!

I have a friend who continues to say she needs to "get back on track". She's always asking me to workout with her, to train her (note: I am not a personal trainer). But the issue there is that she rarely shows up. She gets upset when I tell her that working out will help ease the stress in her life because the endorphins released during exercise creates a happy effect. So each day she comes up with a new excuse reason as to why can't won't workout. I've long since stopped expecting her to show up. I've suggested that she find something that she absolutely loves and schedule it immediately after work. That has yet to manifest. I will pass along a new recipe every now and again or a new workout move, but I no longer go out of my way.

I weighed in this morning and am glad to report that the 159.6 lbs is starting to stick. Hot Damn!!!  It's only been a week that I'm actually focusing on my meals, making sure to have a complex carb AND protein with each meal (including those snacks). Big HELL YEAH for the Eat-Clean book!

There are so many varied activities that constitute exercise. I don't run because I don't like it. I walk because I LOVE it. I don't take MMA classes, but love kickboxing. I've taken belly dancing and miss it desperately and have set a goal for the fall to start with flamenco dance classes and I love shaking my booty in Zumba. So for those who say exercise isn't fun, maybe they should rethink what they consider to be exercise. Workouts don't have to take place in a gym. It can be dancing around the house, walking for miles along the beach, lifting grocery bags several times before putting them away. It's just a matter of finding things you enjoy and doing them.

What's your fav exercise?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Here she is!

Struggle Channel Wk 6

As usual, I'm behind on this challenge post. But that's ok (I hope).

Last week was an ok week.

1. I did get in my workouts - yeah baby.
2. My books came in the mail (more about these shortly). Let the reading begin.
3. My weight didn't fluctuate too much - but weighed in at 161.something.

This week is better (so far) so I'm looking forward to posting Friday (maybe I will actually post this on-time).

Now on to the books...

I ordered The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno. For almost 50, she is so ab-fab! I also ordered Jackie Warner's This is Why You're Fat. Who wouldn't be enthralled to read a book with such a title? Just think...all the mysteries of why I'm fat are within these bounds pages.

Actually, I'm still reading Tosca's book. It's knowledge most of us know. Eat less, Workout, Weigh less. Tosca breaks down the well-known program of clean eating, provides you with a shopping list and workout plan. I haven't made it to the workout or meal plans yet. I haven't made the leap of throwing out my triscuts, wheat thins, tortilla chips, or cheese (this is what Jackie will tell me is the reason why I'm fat, I'm sure). I've never been one to throw food away, so I may just have a party and use up the last of the "anti-food" as Tosca would call it. The best tip I have picked up so far is eating a complex carb AND a protein at every meal (including snacks). Unfortunately, it takes me almost 2 hours to get through breakfast (I ate breakfast at work) now with the added protein to my oatmeal. Luckily, a friend sent me a recipe for egg-white oatmeal pancakes. I'll try my hand at these over the weekend.

So in keeping with my Eat-Clean goal, I've done ok. I'm trying for those 5-6 small meals daily. As usual, I'm good during the week - it's the weekends that get me.

I am also doing better with my weight training. Last week was 2 days (my triceps sure did scream at me for waking them up) and this week, I've started (Monday was day 1) doing it in my office. It's said that if you do something 10 times straight it becomes a habit.

I'm hoping the clean eating and strength training habits stick.

Decisions, Decisions

I rarely seem to make the right ones. Or don't make any at all out of fear of the unknown.  How is it that I can be so self-assured for most things in my life, but can't ever decide on a pet, a relationship, a move (relocation or job)? Argh!  Well, this past weekend, I made a decision without even really thinking it through. I just said yes.

I got a puppy.

What the hell was I thinking? I'm rarely home and when I am I don't want to spend my time cleaning up after a dog.  I don't have the money to care for a dog.

I got a puppy.

I've said that I wanted a pet, a dog would be nice. But I was happy with the rouge cat that comes to visit my backyard every now and again.

I got a puppy.

I said if I did get a dog, I'd want a medium size dog, a male dog, something already housebroken, possible a hound dog or a lab.

I got a puppy.  She is a mutt. Possibly chihuahua maybe mixed with cocker - but who knows.

So ladies and gents, I got a puppy.  We've gone through the yowling stage of "please don't leave me in the crate because it's dark down here" to "I've got to pee but don't want to go outside because the thunder is too loud so I'm just gonna go on the rug" to "Haha, I know you have to go to work, but I wanna play play play".

So far, the good thing is that we're up at 6am to go outside and I leave my house on-time instead of rushing and driving like a maniac to make it to the bus stop (although, I drove like a maniac to get home after work to let her outside).

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Words can't express the pain and anger I had yesterday evening. We were both so pumped, waiting for the go-ahead to give notice and pack our bags (well at least his for the moment) only to be told that the position is on-hold. On-hold? WTH?  My immediate reaction was sorrow. I thought all my cheerleading skills were for naught. That holding that belief in my mind was pointless.

Then I got pissed. Hell hath no fury.

I was pissed because I'm so tired of my guy getting pumped up for something and being disappointed. I was pissed because I'm tired of the run around he's been receiving about potential opportunities.  I was pissed because we aren't moving to Denver.


I'm not giving up my/our vision of being part of the 10% black folk residing in Denver. I'm not giving up the idea of being able to bike, hike, water ski, camp, fish almost every weekend until winter comes. I'm not giving up the idea of trading in my sports car for an all-terrain vehicle (preferably a 4X4 Toyota Tacoma or Dodge Durango). I know that when you focus on something you want, it does manifest. It may not happen when you want it to, but it does happen. We are staying positive and holding focus.

We know not to bank on a possibility, but we still hold out hope.  He was extremely upbeat giving me the news yesterday. He knows that when this position does become available, he's the man. But in the meantime, we continue to search the job boards and he continues to send out his resume and network. It ain't a lie - job search is a full-time job.

Denver will be ours.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Struggle Wk 5

Oh yeah!!! I'm going to milk this today for all it's worth.  I've crossed into the 150s. 159.8 to be exact!

The rest is unremarkable. No workouts this week because I've needed to water the lawn and check on a friend who hurt her back. Oh and Cinco de Mayo = sangria and seafood enchiladas without the cream sauce.

So on weeks I don't workout or don't put too much effort into my workouts, I will continue to make better food choices!

How are you other ladies doing?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Go west young woman

 Photo from:

I don't have a vision board in the physical sense so I am going to use this platform as my vision board for the time being.

1. I am thankful that James will have the opportunity to continue his employment with Sears.
2. I am thankful that his continued employment will relocate him to Denver.
3. I am thankful he has asked me to go with him.
4. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue my education via distance learning through Eastern Michigan University.

So that's it.  This is my vision and I know this will all manifest in due time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Struggle Challenge Wk 4 Update

So this post has been rolling around in my brain for a few days and I thought it best that I put it down on PC screen before the thoughts exit stage left.

Yes, I'm late posting this since it was supposed to be posted on Friday.  The good thing is I weighed in at 160.2 Friday morning. Woo Hoo, right? Wrong!!!

I weighed in a 162.2 this morning and that sucks.

How the heck did I put on 2 lbs in 2-3 days?  I know how - it's called potato chips, naan, green eggs (at least these were made with egg whites) and applewood chicken sausage (not all in one sitting thank goodness) and only 1 workout (that did not include strength training). 

What happened to the 80/20 clean eating rule, LaShaune?  Umm, yeah. Good question. What happened to added 2 days of strength training to your workout schedule, LaShaune. Umm, yeah...Not really sure, but Larry kicked my butt on Saturday so I just didn't feel up to lifting my arms.

I'm not going to beat myself up over a 2lb weight gain.  I am going to work harder at avoiding this yo-yo issue I seem to have. I eat well during the week and then don't over the weekends.  This wasn't a problem in the past because I spent my weekends shopping.  Well, I'm not going back to shopping, so there needs to be another outlet.

I'm still reading The Secret and this morning the author said the most absurb thing ever - Think yourself thin! She feels that if you concentrate on what sidelines your diets, those are considered fat thoughts and attracting fat thoughts continues to make you fat. Ummm....Yeah - BULLSHIT. I've always been a hefty girl but I've always THOUGHT of myself as a thinner girl (even while wearing size 16s to 18s) - I never saw myself they way I should have until 2005 or 2006 at a friend's wedding. Woozers! Oprah is right, however, there is such a thing as a skinny camera which I don't own. From that point forward it has been a struggle but an effort to make changes.

Yes, I've done weight loss studies through the med school where I work (the popular shake diet was the worse) and have found success with the last one. It's not so much as learning what to do and not do, it's implementing the tools we all know - eat proper portions and exercise. 

So on top of last week's goals - I am adding one more (one I learned from the last study):  No more sofa eating. From this point forward, all meals eaten at home will be at my dining table. It's always set, so now's the time to take advantage.