Friday, May 21, 2010

What do you mean, it's not fun?

I don't understand when folks say that exercise is not fun. WTH?  Granted, I go through phases when I love to workout at home (yea for TurboJam), outside or at the gym. Right now, I'm in the gym-rat phase. I get a high from my current schedule of Kickboxing (Mon, Thurs & Sat), Walking w/ The Fella (Tue), Zumba (Wed). Just this week, I've conned gotten a co-worker into10 minute toning sessions. 1 day was upper body using reams of copy paper and 1 day was squats and walking lunges.  I got a huge smile from her this morning as she said she felt a little burn going down her stairs!

I have a friend who continues to say she needs to "get back on track". She's always asking me to workout with her, to train her (note: I am not a personal trainer). But the issue there is that she rarely shows up. She gets upset when I tell her that working out will help ease the stress in her life because the endorphins released during exercise creates a happy effect. So each day she comes up with a new excuse reason as to why can't won't workout. I've long since stopped expecting her to show up. I've suggested that she find something that she absolutely loves and schedule it immediately after work. That has yet to manifest. I will pass along a new recipe every now and again or a new workout move, but I no longer go out of my way.

I weighed in this morning and am glad to report that the 159.6 lbs is starting to stick. Hot Damn!!!  It's only been a week that I'm actually focusing on my meals, making sure to have a complex carb AND protein with each meal (including those snacks). Big HELL YEAH for the Eat-Clean book!

There are so many varied activities that constitute exercise. I don't run because I don't like it. I walk because I LOVE it. I don't take MMA classes, but love kickboxing. I've taken belly dancing and miss it desperately and have set a goal for the fall to start with flamenco dance classes and I love shaking my booty in Zumba. So for those who say exercise isn't fun, maybe they should rethink what they consider to be exercise. Workouts don't have to take place in a gym. It can be dancing around the house, walking for miles along the beach, lifting grocery bags several times before putting them away. It's just a matter of finding things you enjoy and doing them.

What's your fav exercise?


Savvy Gal said...

I like to run/walk/jog along the beach. It always make me feel happy.

LaShaune said...

We have plenty of parks here and I love to walk or walk/jog (I'm so not a runner) through them on super nice days (even those 90degree super-humid days).

Lindsay said...

I would have to say my favorite is a killer leg workout!!!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I agree - I love to exercise. I enjoy running, weigh-training, tennis and cycling.