Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is Why You're Fat

Because I've wasted more time reading the first 80 pages (out of 207, not including the index and appendices) of Jackie Warner's book.

Earth to Ms. Warner...You are NOT the biggest loser, or the next the contestant on the Price is Right, or providing us with any groundbreaking, earth-shattering new developments in the weight loss game. So please, oh for the love of Nutrisystem, please stop the madness (what the hell happened to Susan Powter anyway?).

I'm so delighted that I read Tosca's revamped Eat-Clean book before picking up what will now become my dumbbell alternative.  Essentially, This is Why You're Fat tells you to eat clean 7 days/week with 2 freebie meals on the weekends. Ok - fine.  TIWYF continues to hound suggest that you take additional supplements and lay off the cow's milk (no moo-cow milk?) because the pesticides and heinous methods in which veggies and animals are farmed deplete the body of the natural BCCAs, vitamins and minerals and cause our livers to be toxic. Um, ok. I can kinda see it.

And that's where I've ended. I can't get past her self-righteous writing (or ghost writing).  She touts this information as her own personal, new fangled diet that will work magic. Just use her 2-week jump start method and you're well on your way to being thin. The information I have gleamed in the first 80 pages is no different from the Eat-Clean Diet. As a matter of fact, it's about 90% identical. So contrary to what you believe, Ms. Warner, your book/information is not original.

Dude...I'm over this type of hype. I don't think I can read another page of "this is why my way" blah blah blah crap. At this point, her book will be useful performing tricep throws, bicep curls and I may be able to use it to work on my core balance. I will, however, stick to her workout DVDs. Those I like!

Do you read diet books, magazines?  What's your favorite source for health/fitness information?


Kimmi said...

Whew! You just saved me some $ girl! I was thinking of getting that book but now I know I don't have to! I just picked up Eat-Clean however! I'm hoping to get a chance to look at it tonight!

Lindsay said...

I really don't read any! The only stuff I read is blogs. I read Oxygen every once in a while.

Shar said...

Love love love Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Diet Recharged! and Oxygen magazine too. It gives you all the info. you want (what, when, how etc. to eat) but it's straight forward, and just makes sense. You can follow the meal plans if you want or make up your own - it's pretty flexible, realistic and once you Eat Clean, you won't go back - I can't imagine eating the way I did before! Hope you like the book as much as I do!

LaShaune said...

Thanks Shar - I absolutely love my Eat-Clean book. I love it so much that I gifted my 1st copy to a friend and purchased a new copy for my self (actually paying full price - ugh). I have no plans to gift this one since it will soon be marked, highlighted and post-noted!