Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Struggle Channel Wk 6

As usual, I'm behind on this challenge post. But that's ok (I hope).

Last week was an ok week.

1. I did get in my workouts - yeah baby.
2. My books came in the mail (more about these shortly). Let the reading begin.
3. My weight didn't fluctuate too much - but weighed in at 161.something.

This week is better (so far) so I'm looking forward to posting Friday (maybe I will actually post this on-time).

Now on to the books...

I ordered The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno. For almost 50, she is so ab-fab! I also ordered Jackie Warner's This is Why You're Fat. Who wouldn't be enthralled to read a book with such a title? Just think...all the mysteries of why I'm fat are within these bounds pages.

Actually, I'm still reading Tosca's book. It's knowledge most of us know. Eat less, Workout, Weigh less. Tosca breaks down the well-known program of clean eating, provides you with a shopping list and workout plan. I haven't made it to the workout or meal plans yet. I haven't made the leap of throwing out my triscuts, wheat thins, tortilla chips, or cheese (this is what Jackie will tell me is the reason why I'm fat, I'm sure). I've never been one to throw food away, so I may just have a party and use up the last of the "anti-food" as Tosca would call it. The best tip I have picked up so far is eating a complex carb AND a protein at every meal (including snacks). Unfortunately, it takes me almost 2 hours to get through breakfast (I ate breakfast at work) now with the added protein to my oatmeal. Luckily, a friend sent me a recipe for egg-white oatmeal pancakes. I'll try my hand at these over the weekend.

So in keeping with my Eat-Clean goal, I've done ok. I'm trying for those 5-6 small meals daily. As usual, I'm good during the week - it's the weekends that get me.

I am also doing better with my weight training. Last week was 2 days (my triceps sure did scream at me for waking them up) and this week, I've started (Monday was day 1) doing it in my office. It's said that if you do something 10 times straight it becomes a habit.

I'm hoping the clean eating and strength training habits stick.

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Lindsay said...

You go girl! Your doing awesome enjoy your books!