Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

I rarely seem to make the right ones. Or don't make any at all out of fear of the unknown.  How is it that I can be so self-assured for most things in my life, but can't ever decide on a pet, a relationship, a move (relocation or job)? Argh!  Well, this past weekend, I made a decision without even really thinking it through. I just said yes.

I got a puppy.

What the hell was I thinking? I'm rarely home and when I am I don't want to spend my time cleaning up after a dog.  I don't have the money to care for a dog.

I got a puppy.

I've said that I wanted a pet, a dog would be nice. But I was happy with the rouge cat that comes to visit my backyard every now and again.

I got a puppy.

I said if I did get a dog, I'd want a medium size dog, a male dog, something already housebroken, possible a hound dog or a lab.

I got a puppy.  She is a mutt. Possibly chihuahua maybe mixed with cocker - but who knows.

So ladies and gents, I got a puppy.  We've gone through the yowling stage of "please don't leave me in the crate because it's dark down here" to "I've got to pee but don't want to go outside because the thunder is too loud so I'm just gonna go on the rug" to "Haha, I know you have to go to work, but I wanna play play play".

So far, the good thing is that we're up at 6am to go outside and I leave my house on-time instead of rushing and driving like a maniac to make it to the bus stop (although, I drove like a maniac to get home after work to let her outside).


V said...

Awww....a puppy! If you need any pointers, I can help out, I have 3 small chihuahuas and got 2 of them when they were just tiny puppies. Also, I have THE BEST dogwalker ever! Her rates are awesome and you don't have to have her every day, she can come whenever you want! You might want to start off by keeping your little one in the bathroom while you're gone in case of any accidents...that's what I used to do. Email me if you need more info!

The Merry said...

Ooooh, a puppy!
Pictures, please? Pretty please?

A lot of people are taking their dogs to 'day care' during the week so the animal gets to frolic and have companionship... okay, and get tired out so the puppy energy level is manageable :)

LaShaune said...

Thanks Ladies. She actually does pretty well in her crate during the day. It's like a cave to her and she drags her toys in there. She's still learning to like the leash. Sunday was hilarious trying to get her out the front door. She is used to the french doors in the back.

As for doggie daycare, that's an uncovered expense that I can't put on my flex spending account. So for now, she's a latch key dog left at home with either Disney or the radio. I tried Animal Planet, but she has yet to figure out the whistles and barks are on TV.

My biggest fear is bugs. I surprised my allergies aren't flaring up with dog hair (yea!) but I do fear fleas. Luckily, my neighbor who found her bathed her and got rid of the fleas before I got her and she's off to Petsmart on Saturday for her first grooming.

Ah, I'm a mom! Wait - no. I'm a dog owner!!!
I will take some photos tonight and post.

Lindsay said...

So exciting!!! Get some pics up!!!

V said...

You can get the flea medication from the vet...important to get that since you live in Houston and I don't care what kind of "natural" remedies or shampoo you use....you HAVE to do the flea meds from the vet....it's too hot in Houston not to, otherwise, she WILL get fleas.

The Merry said...

I tried Animal Planet, but my dog got stressed out during Emergency Vet. Too many animals whining and crying, plus she kept hearing that word 'vet' all the time.
Oddly enough, she used to quite enjoy (it seemed) reruns of All Creatures Great and Small on PBS.