Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Excuse me. That was rude.

There's tons of talk out here in the blog world of exercise for non-exercise/non-scale victories aka NSV (it took me forever to figure out that acronym. I'm old and slow what more can I say). Well today is not one of those days. Today is my pat on the back, my gold star day of accomplishing something I said I would never, ever do.

What the heck did you do, LaShaune? Rob a bank?  Buy a pair of Jimmy Choos? Did you order those Cleopatra earrings and necklace from Wendy Brandes? I wish! Actually, I'd love her swear rings, but that's for another day.

Ok, I'm back from my daydreams...

What I did was a burpee. 

What the hell is a burpee, you ask?  Oh, honey you haven't lived until you've accomplished this:

Check the vid for the proper form. These are part of the TKB turbo section in rounds 39 and 40. I actually did 3 (then went to modified) last night!

What have you accomplished exercise-wise recently?


Cat said...

Burpee... Huh. I have seen this done zillions of times at the High School I went to, didn't know it had a name! Might try that, but will have to see if there is any no-nos on the knees for me. (And I was wondering what that name had to do with seeds, you didn't know from NSV, I thought Burpee had something to do with gardening!)


(And does weeding a garden and carrying about 10 loads of weeds and dirt count for exercise?)

LaShaune said...

I know, right?! I had back surgery a few years ago so I refrain from a lot of plyo moves. I still don't do cherry pickers or jumping jacks for fearing of hurting my back.

Heck yeah, heavy gardening is mos def exercise. Just think of the muscle you're building hauling those all that dirt!

Speaking of, I made a note to look into burpee seeds and see if they grow in Zone 8/9.

The Merry said...

Does this mean you're now a burper?

LaShaune said...

@Merry - with hopes of becoming a master burper and be able to shout the alphabet at the same time!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Gosh I so hate Burpees and I hate the name as well LOL!


Lindsay said...

AWWW gotta love a good burpee!