Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cables and Pullies and Weights...

Oh my!

Today was an eye opener to say the least at the gym.  As a reward for being a 24 Hour Fitness member (and to sell training sessions), I received a freebie session which was scheduled for today!  And yes, I'm that type of client who reads a lot, have had previous trainers, and I know everything - just need to put it into practice.  Well, okay maybe I don't know everything. But I know I can't afford 3-6 monthly sessions with a personal trainer.  So, I used my freebie to learn about the one machine that scares me...the FreeMotion machine.

But before we get to the exercises, let's just say that the taping, calipers, and % of body fat was not good news. But numbers don't lie.  36.75% body fat. YIKES!!!!

So LaShaune what's your game plan to get that number below 30 and moving into the 25% range?  Enter FreeMotion machine aka the cable machine.

Ariel was a doll to walk me through overhead press, standing row, bicep curls, tricep throws, chest fly,  and a tricep press (or the imaginary table top tricep move).  Oh yeah, she made me do abs too (plank, crunches, and an oblique move). I get to lay off the lateral and front raises for a while.

Now the game plan is to work in 2 days/week of strength training (those 10 min toning sessions at work are just the tip of the iceberg) and keep up the clean-eating.  There isn't a date set, but I'm thinking of re-doing the taping and calipers within 6-8 weeks.

Do you strength train?  Do you prefer machines, free weights, bands, cables or do you rotate them all?


Tricia said...

I strength train at home with resistence bands (gym in a bag) and kettle bells

LaShaune said...

the kettle bell is at the top of my list and rounds out my home fitness items. In the winter, I dread going to the gym, so I workout at home until the spring/summer hit.

Lindsay @ said...

I'm getting back into strength training since I just rejoined a gym. I love the cables!!