Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Points, calories, steps...whatever. Counting can be a monotonous and frustrating task when it comes to weight loss. It's work. You have to weigh, measure, read/track nutritional values, and write down everything, including that nibble of nuts, the splash brown sugar maple creamer in your coffee, or stick of gum. It all adds up to more calories, more points, more weight.

So technically this is week 2 of WW for me. I have yet to attend a meeting. I have yet to track an entire week of eating. I keep eating well past my points. I refuse to buy the prepackaged, frozen meals to make counting easy (unless it's the ice cream)...Why? Because I prefer freshly made meals, even if it's a sandwich.

Granted last week, I decided to toss WW out to the window because I went home for the holidays. That meant dinner at my fav Italian with wine, gnocchi, goat cheese, mushrooms, and we can't forget the warm bread. It also meant dinner with a great friend over a hamburger for me, dessert and coffee. Not the best choices - I admit that. But it was what I wanted and it was what I ate. At least, I own my meal choices.

So this week, I am tracking (sort of)...But trying to get my meals down to 6.5 points per meal is DIFFICULT.  I will keep at it until I get it.

If you've done WW in the past or currently on WW, what are you suggestions for breakfast and dinner?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Weight Watchers

Ok...I've talked about it enough and make mental pacts with myself that never seem to come to fruition.

I know that tracking my food is important, more so than my workouts. I also know that I'm not good at tracking my food via my phone or even on paper. The weekends are my hardest days to stay on track eating well.

So folks, today is the day that I join Weight Watchers. It won't be computer-based. I will HAVE to go to the meetings. I guess others outside my immediate circle will keep me accountable.

Wish me well and I will keep you posted.

Monday, December 5, 2011

You can't get a burger at Plantar Fasciitis

Yes, it does sound similar to Planet Hollywood or something you'd get after eating way too much turkey on Thanksgiving, but plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the tissue at the bottom of the foot and common symptoms could burning sensation on the bottom of the feet, achy arches, sharp pain in the heel felt early in the morning (these are mine).

The Fella and I landed in Fleet Feet - Sacramento Saturday after eating til our heart's content at the SactoMoFo Festival (hot damn, the mini burger truck was da bomb) because I am in need of new sneakers. I've been complaining that my arches hurt and the bottom of my feet burn - obviously my shoes need to be replaced, right? 

How do I know that I have PF....well, cuz the fitter guy at Fleet Feet told me and PubMed just validated my symptoms.  But seriously, I haven't been diagnosed by a MD, however, the symptoms do fit. If you are having any issues with your feet, I suggest that you make an appointment with the podiatrist for a proper diagnosis. Although, the Fleet Feet kid suggested that I stop wearing high heels.  He must have bumped his head or was high from smelling feet all afternoon cuz THAT will never happen. He also suggested doing trigger point therapy.

So as a way to release the tightness in my calves, I decided to do some rolling around on my living room floor on top of a tennis ball trigger point therapy.  If you need instructions on how to best inflict this pain, try this video:

Let the good times roll!