Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Reminds me of a Judy Blume novel. Did anyone else watch it?  Where you thinking "This one time at fat band camp?".

When it first started, I was appalled that there was show dedicated to kids going to fat camp. As I continued to get wrapped up in the story line (which isn't the best), I thought...why not have a show about kids going to fat camp. It hit all the scenarios that women phase in and out of (regardless of dating age) and issues with our bodies, eating disorders, acceptance, friendships, etc. I'm just glad that I never went to camp, girl scout, fat, band or otherwise.

I doubt this show will be on my regular rotation but the concept is interesting.

Oh and in case you've been wondering just where the hell I've been. I've been here lurking reading blogs. I haven't had much to say about anything lately. I haven't been spending  money (that's a good thing). I'm still urging The Fella to apply for work and sending him gobs of job postings. I've finally recovered from the toll of boot camp-deep tissue massage induced sickness.  That last bit really set my workouts back a notch (haven't lifted weights since the boot camp and have yet to incorporate spinning into my schedule) and I'm just finally beginning to feel somewhat normal.

By the way, I hope ya'll aren't offended by the use of the word fat. I guess being a chunky kid and now a round woman, I use the term (just not a lot and not in a derogatory manner).

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boot Camp

Is not summer camp for your winter boots.

What the hell was I thinking?  Yeah, I had a training session with Master Pitbull, Ariel and survived so what harm could it be to take her boot camp? 

Hello. Earth to LaShaune.  It's Tuesday and your legs are STILL sore!  Boot camp was Saturday!!!!

But hello...LaShaune to Brain - it was oh so worth it.  5 Intervals, each one done 3 times through.  There's only 1 move that can't be done solo (at home) and that's the medicine ball toss. She even included burpees (and you know how much I am loving those!). The one move I had the most difficult time with was the inverted bicycle move (on your knees or push-up position and bring your knee and opposite elbow in).  It was not comfy since I was dripping wet.  My favorite move was the pseudo-kettlebell swing-squat.

I gotta say, whoever invents a non-slip mat that absorbs sweat by the buckets and isn't big/bulky to haul to the gym will get my money (as long as it's under $20).

I will post the intervals later this week for those interested.

How was your weekend workout(s)?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Calories In vs. Calories Out

RPE vs. METs.  Bodybugg vs. heart rate monitor.

It's all Greek to me.

So the question arose the other day: how many calories do you burn doing Zumba?  Good question seeing how the instructors and infomericals tout that you can burn 800-1000 calories doing Zumba.  Um yeah.  What they neglect to tell you is that you can burn that if you weigh in at least 250 lbs.

But the question still looms.  How do you determine if you're exercising within the limits for caloric burn or does it really?  Yeah, it matters because for every 3,500 weekly deficit that equals 1 lb of weight loss.  And isn't that the point of exercise and healthy eating? Yup.

Enter BodyBugg vs. Heart Rate Monitor.  I don't have either. Why? 1) BodyBugg is a bit spendy.  Even on sale at $175 for the monitor and another $100 for the display. 2) I can't quite comprehend which heart rate monitor is better. The watch vs. the strap. 3) I don't need to add any additional strap-ons during my workout (doubling down on sports bras is enough at the moment). 4) If I'm going to spend money (btw, I haven't spent 1 unnecessary dime this month so far), I'd rather buy new workout clothes over electronics that will get lost in my gym bag. If you've got an extra $250 to drop on the BodyBugg, you can order them online at 24 Hour Fitness.

There's bound to be a cost-effective way to measure this, right?  Well, LaShaune, yes there is. It's call METs. WTH does baseball have to do with calorie deficits?  Not the NY Mets, but Metabolic Equivalent Task (MET) based upon oxygen intake while performing certain activities.  A little googling provided a formula almost as complicated at Calculus 1 during the summer at 8am (who the heck is up for that punishment?  If it's you dear reader, click here: Peer Trainer). If you want the simple, computer generated way to calculate it, click here: drgrily.

Yes, it's good to know how many calories you burn while performing certain activities, especially if you over did it on your meal plan (damn those chalupas, chips/salsa/guac and mojitos) the day before or are planning to throw caution to the wind and treat yourself (did someone say all-you-can-eat Gelato?). But how do you know if you are working out hard enough, just right, or need to get your rear in gear?

Come on over RPE aka Rate of Perceived Exertion, which is kinda like RPMs for the body. Some folks think of it as the "Talk Test". If you can carry on a normal convo, you need to kick it up 3-4 notches because your butt is slacking.  If you can't breathe, slow your ass down before you pass out.  If you can only sing every other word to the song currently playing on your iPod, you're in the zone!  But if you need so see the full Borg list (yeah, it's Trekkie), click here, here, or here.

I use my Zumba day as my fat-burning day (where I can sing most of the song lyrics in very bad Spanish).  Kickboxing is mos-def high-intensity cardio (can only sing 1 liners of most songs).

How do you measure your caloric burn?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Losing it...

for me and me alone.

There was a question posed somewhere in the nether regions of the Internet (where I'm not really sure any longer cuz I'm old and my memory is really foggy) if you would put in your 2-cents with co-worker about their attempts to lose weight. Uh...Yes! Since I have major opinions that I will gladly share with anyone, of course I chimed in that I would.

So it comes to no surprise when I put in my 34-cents yesterday about weight loss.  First off, I'm no expert. If I was, I would be making a bazillion dollars, have my own super sexy gym in NYC, writing self-help books, and training movie stars.  Hmmm - now there's a life. Anyhoo - I'm not. I'm just a girl who shed a few lbs and still trying to shed some more and I read waaaay too much.

Now back to yesterday. 

A buddy of mine went through some turmoil over the weekend.  Some dude she was seeing said the unthinkable...."we're physically incompatible".  WTH????  Yeah, yeah everyone is entitled to their own attractions, desires, etc. But I immediately go into defense mode. My reaction to this is: Man, F* him! Oh Wendy Brandes' swear rings would have been apropos for this occasion.

OK, so my skin is a hell of a lot thicker than most women, I know (did I mention I'm old, cantankerous, and generally just don't care?).

But what set me off more than that is her reaction - to make an appointment to discuss lap band. Really?  WTH???? Over what some dude said? Really?  Yes, I'm still shocked. I had to call my mom and vent. *Note: My mom has had lap band so I needed an ally or at least someone else who's had to deal with weight issues and losing it for their own sake not someone else's.  

My major gripe with this reaction is that she is taking the lazy way out and doing it to please some dude.  Really?!?!?!  My friend's words exactly "I'm tired of putting in the effort and not seeing the results" (OK, maybe not an exact quote - but that's the gist). So why the hell do you shell out $20+ every month for a gym membership, ask me to workout with you (and rarely show-up), and ask my advice on what to eat/when to eat, what calories to count, etc?

Yeah - I put in my 34-cents, you can best believe.  In her case, surgery is the lazy way to approach weight loss.  IMHO, lap band or gastric is for folks who can hardly move, who are in the seriously obese regions and if they don't do something drastic ASAP they will cease to breathe.  This is not her case. And added to that weight loss is something you do for YOU.  Not to please some dude or fit someone's ideal of beauty. Unless it's your thought/goal/game plan, you can tell whomever to jump off a short bridge if they're beefing about your weight (been there, done that).

So I gave her my Eat-Clean book and suggested she give it, along with working out 5 days a week, a good 6-week effort.  Make the appointment and stick with it - no excuses (she's really good with excuses).  If she didn't see any changes after 6 weeks then consider speaking with her MD.  In a nutshell, I said in my best faux-Jillian voice - buck up, put up or shut up (at least that's the convo in my head).

Those of us working to shed it know it didn't come on overnight (well maybe Taco Bell does glue fat to my ass in my sleep) and it sure as heck ain't coming off overnight (especially since I'm too poor to pay for the quickie solution).

Would you give your 2-cents?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy is...

Sticking out my hardest workout class of the week: Thursday's Kickboxing class.

I DID IT!!! 60 mins - the entire class. Yes, I took a water break (well 2). But I stayed the entire class. I finished!!!!

The instructor is super amped like just like Chalene Johnson, creator for TurboKick,  Turbo Jam and soon to be released Turbo Fi-ya! Want more info on these - check  So it's easy to like Corey's (he's the instructor) class because he gets you amped.  He makes you want to punch hard, slap those kicks and do those damn plyometric jumps (no burpees in this class).  I did them all and with a smile on my face.

What have you accomplished so far this week?  What is on your goal list to get accomplished this week?