Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Reminds me of a Judy Blume novel. Did anyone else watch it?  Where you thinking "This one time at fat band camp?".

When it first started, I was appalled that there was show dedicated to kids going to fat camp. As I continued to get wrapped up in the story line (which isn't the best), I thought...why not have a show about kids going to fat camp. It hit all the scenarios that women phase in and out of (regardless of dating age) and issues with our bodies, eating disorders, acceptance, friendships, etc. I'm just glad that I never went to camp, girl scout, fat, band or otherwise.

I doubt this show will be on my regular rotation but the concept is interesting.

Oh and in case you've been wondering just where the hell I've been. I've been here lurking reading blogs. I haven't had much to say about anything lately. I haven't been spending  money (that's a good thing). I'm still urging The Fella to apply for work and sending him gobs of job postings. I've finally recovered from the toll of boot camp-deep tissue massage induced sickness.  That last bit really set my workouts back a notch (haven't lifted weights since the boot camp and have yet to incorporate spinning into my schedule) and I'm just finally beginning to feel somewhat normal.

By the way, I hope ya'll aren't offended by the use of the word fat. I guess being a chunky kid and now a round woman, I use the term (just not a lot and not in a derogatory manner).

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