Monday, May 31, 2010

A Good Girl Scout is Always Prepared.

A motto that I must remember to reapply to the important things in my life:  money and health.

My finances are still out of whack and getting uglier. I don't know why and I can't figure out how (yes, I've tried writing down every penny) but I'm not giving up.  I am, however, giving my accounts over to The Fella.  Now wait just a minute before the bells and whistles start going off.  No, I'm not Regina Bell.  I am not putting total trust of my accounts in his hands to do as he wishes all willy nilly.  I am asking him to help me avoid overspending, to save money, and get me back on financial track. I've given it a try, a retry, and a third attempt but I keep ending up in a deeper hole.  This sucks!  So as a way to dig out and stay out, he will take my bankcard and dole out gas and grocery money.

Yeah, I could just leave my bankcard at home, but that's temptation. I could just say "you don't need that" but I will talk myself into it. I've done it more times than I would like to count. I need to be able to help out him and/or my family and not running to them to bail me out. So enter, stage right, my financial knight in shinning green armor - The Fella.

As for my health, I've had an "Aha!" moment this weekend. I stay on an eating plan during the week because I plan my meals (at least this is the 2nd week) and I pack my lunch bag with breakfast, lunch and snacks (been doing that for a while now).  I need to do this on the weekend as well.  Left to my own devices, I've eaten poorly 2 weekends in a row.  2 cheat meals (Jackie Warner's suggestion) turn into 2 full day of cheating which completely negates the good eating and strong workouts during the week. Enter stage left, Tosca Reno's suggestion of packing a lunch bag EVERY DAY with clean eats. That means Monday through Sunday - no cheating. Well,  maybe 1 freebie meal - but in moderation.

When things aren't working, how often do you reassess your plans? Do you ask others for help or keeping trying solo?


Lindsay @ said...

If I've tried the solo route and can't find a fix, I'll recruit an expert! If I know someone who will be able to help point me to the right direction, I'll ask away. No shame in that! :)

to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

Thanks for finding my blog so that I could find yours!!! =) I use to do to the whole perfect "dieter" on the weekdays and total "cheater" on the weekend things...honestly, I did it while on Weight Watchers (isn't that terrible?! haha). I got away with it for a long time, too, but eventually it caught up with me. The weekends are so hard because eating out or at other people's homes or quick grabs just becomes part of our socialization. You will find a solution (just like you have with your financial woes)! Hang in there!!! =)