Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clothes make the Gal

What do you wear to workout?  Baggy sweats? Old and faded tshirts? Dirty sneakers?

Ever look over at the treadmill next to you or the track ahead and see a woman in full color-coordinated gear and think "wow, she must have a lot of time/money on her hands?"  Ever see those Lululemon or Lucy stores and think "I'd never spend $60 on a sports bra or $40 on a top?".

Yeah, I say the same thing. I do try to match my workout clothes but they do tend to be ill-fitting. I've purchased those "stylish" yoga pants at Wally World only to look at myself in the gym mirror in horror and think "where the hell did that pooch come from" knowing it was only the super thick fold-over flap of the pants!

Well folks, while in Scottsdale Mom and I hit some thrift shops and guess what I picked up?  A brand spanking new pair of Lucy yoga pants at a steep discount. Let's just say I'm tempted to throw out all my workout pants/shorts and only wear these pants day after day. I did wear them all day long on Saturday since my game plan was to workout (I didn't get a chance to since my errands took much longer than anticipated).  These pants make your boo-tay look awesome!  No added belly pooch since the top of the pant sits right below the low waist without the need to keep yanking them up throughout the workout. And best of all - no camel toe!

I did wear them on Monday for Wk 3 / Day 3 of C25K (I am finally making it to Week 4!!!) and TKB.  My only complaint was that by this time, the legs were stretched out and during the kick section of TKB, I kept stepping on the bottom of the pants. I am sure after laundry day, they will fit just fine.

FYI - this post was NOT sponsored by anyone. I was just so hyped about my new-to-me workout pants. I did also purchase a top but that wont be worn until the Spring (it's finally getting cooler). Now, I'm scouring ebay for another pair and hopefully a matching top.


Fashion Meets Food said...

Doesn't getting semi cute, and new workout pants just make you feel amazing. When I started at the gym I looked like a hot mess... now I have a cute Elle Woods inspired pink outfit and I love it.... my motivation is up 100% not to mention I wear waterproof mascara just to make sure the cute fact is there LOL. I think my mum just said she got some LUCY half off coupons in the mail. I`ll call her and find out. If she still has them I can have them sent to you if you want. She wont use them.


Cat said...

I must look up yoga pants, this might solve the "I am wearing yesterday's jeans because I have no workout clothes" problem...


Carli said...

Sometimes I look so tacky when I got to work out. I've never even heard of Lucy pants, but it sounds like they're awesome. I will throw on a little lip gloss, but that's about it. Congrats on making it to week 4 :-)