Monday, November 1, 2010

Going to the Chapel

But I aint gettin married. Much to the chagrin of my father.

The Fella got promoted (that's what I'm calling it) and will be heading to The Sunshine State soon! Oh yeah...real beaches, SFO airport, and former NBA star Kevin Johnson as Mayor - boy CA loves to put entertainers into politics. I guess that keeps things entertaining?  I know, lame.

He's asked me to accompany him on this new venture (as he calls it). I say, hell yeah - I'm Audi 5000 G! (yes, super duper strong cafe ole this morning). But seriously, it's a good time for us both.  A new start. A real job for him but a pull away from our families (especially right at the holidays). Yes, he's giving up being able to see his children daily. I'm giving up the comfort of my affordable home, a decent job (although I'm not sure how long that would last), a handful of friends. But we're gaining the excitement of new surroundings, better weather, better food, crappier drivers, the potential for me to do something different other than write letters of recommendation, book airline tickets and grab cokes (I probably will be doing the same thing in CA at least for 2 years until I finish this second degree, but the potential is there) and best of all, he and I are doing it together (well sorta - he goes first, does all the apt hunting, getting the utilities connected, buying new furniture - the crap I don't want to do).

So when I mentioned the "opportunity" to my father, his response was that he didn't see a reason for me to go since we're not married. That I'm giving up a good job for uncertainty. Um yeah...ok. This was said obviously before Sunday's article (see above). But let's take a step back.

1. When I was 25 I called myself running away to San Fran to be with the love of my life. Boy was I dumb. That quickly dissolved and I had to call my folks and beg to be let back home. I swore I would never move anywhere behind a man.

2. The VERY next year I moved to NYC because my boss asked me to.  See contradiction above.  I lived there until the day the towers came down (actually 2 days following) since my mom's flight was diverted to Birmingham, AL.

So I'm 2 years shy of 40 and am now faced with the option to move with the man I  love (this time fur-real) or stay in the town I only tolerate.  Houston is fun to a point, but the nomad in me has been itching for new scenery. I don't do long distance relationships. In my opinion, THEY SUCK. If I'm only going to see a person one weekend a month, I may as well join the Army Reserves so at least I'd get paid for that heartache and aggravation.

I think I will take my chances and go west, unmarried and potentially unemployed for a month.

What would you do?


Tricia said...

:) go with your gut!

Fashion Guru said...

do what you strongly feel

LaShaune said...

Thanks Ya'll. Now I get to start packing!