Wednesday, October 27, 2010


All I ever wanted... I love the Go-Go's. Who doesn't?!?! But do you want to know what's so awesome about mini-vacas besides getting a free-ish trip from my boss, scoring some of the best hotel soap, and enjoying awesome weather/views in Scottsdale? Getting in an awesome workout. I am in LOVE with the Hotel Valley Ho's gym, especially at 4am MT. Funny how I could get my rear up at 4am (couldn't sleep thanks to my mom who sleeps with the TV on) and head to the gym all bright-eyed and bushy tail while on a mini break. Ha! Let that happen during my normal daily life...ummm, no thanks. I'll choose sleep. I did, however, do Week 3, Days 1 and 2 of C25K on Friday (before heading out of town) and Saturday morning at 4am!

The other thing I love about mini-breaks is eating great food!!! ZuZu on the hotel has AWESOME breakfast but consider yourself warned.  If you go and order grits - you're getting polenta, not traditional southern grits.  They are yummy just the same.

Globe Lights near gym
I can not rave enough about the Hotel Valley Ho. It's total Mad Men, 50s style. Reminds you of old Palm Springs, Vegas or LA. I was trying to figure out how to fit the globe lights into my suitcase. I settled on the soap instead (heavenly). But besides the soap, the best thing about the hotel is how super nice the staff was. Everyone, especially valet guy, Phil, were just high on life nice. I think it was the mountain air.

So now I am back in Houston where it is still 90 damn degrees in October.  It's OCTOBER. Actually, it's almost November. Where the heck is my Fall?

Oh well...I guess I better go back to looking at my photos of cotton growing along the highway (Yes, Cotton.  Who knew cotton grew outside Georgia?) and continue to sing along with Belinda...Vacation, all I ever wanted.


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

I still can't get over that within a few weeks, we stayed at the same hotel! Didn't I tell you the soap was AMAZING?! I heard the gym was great - my sisters told me - I was too busy getting lost on the 38 mile path to give it a whirl. =/

Glad you got your get-away! Mini vacays are totally the best and you deserved it!

LaShaune said...

I know. It was a ton of fun, although I will have to go back to do the things on my list. Mom shopped and lost money at the casino. How about a Girl's Getaway in March?

You can order the soap (made special for the hotel) online.

I thought of going out on the trail, but at 4am - it was just too dark.