Monday, October 18, 2010

Drake is NOT a rapper

He's a signer who used to be on Degrassi - The Next Generation. That's not even the Degrassi Jr High or Degrassi High series that I used to watch.

After having a fabulous dinner with Miss Kim (she's so funny), I made it home to watch BET's Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century.  Why?

Why did I subject myself to this waste of good TV time?

Looking at the panel, you'd think "Hey, these are some educated DJs on the cutting edge of music. They even have credible Hip Hop journalist and JD (that's Mr. Hit Maker, Jermaine Dupri). So it should be a good show with an all-star list."  Ha! Liars!!!

First, the overall list comprise of faux rappers, ie Drake, and crap rappers, ie Gucci Mane left off Jay-Z, Nas, Ice Cube, LL Cool J.

Second, the only female rapper was Eve and we haven't heard a single from her since she teamed up with Gwen Stefani.  What about Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Foxy Brown or even (cringe) Nikki Minaj?

If this is supposed to be a listing of the top 10 rappers from the past 10 years based on flow, lyrics, money made, and cultural impact (with the additional of social media for extra nudging), then there are some HUGE omissions (see above). But what really worked my nerve was the argument that Drake was listed too low on the list. WTH? He's NOT a rapper. 

If I had to vote based on their top 5, it would definitely be reordered to look like this:

5. Lil Wayne
4. Kayne West
3. TI
2. 50-Cent
1. Eminem

I am positive that with the c-rap (pronounced CRAP) that is blasted on the airwaves of late, the next showdown will be between Waka Flaka Flame (what a dumb-ass name), Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber and Willow Smith.

I'm voting for Willow.

Do you listen to rap? How would you vote?


soulsoblack said...

You an idiot,Lil Wayne as the number 1? You don't knw shit abt hip hop,there is a difference btwn a top selling artiste and a rapper or bettr yet emcee,your list doesn't even consider the trueness of the artform/culture but the biggest selling/sell-outs from the mediocrity you are mislabelling as hip hop,read a book!

LaShaune said...

Hmm SSB seemed to not grasp the humor in my post. Probably because the humor is all in my head, and that is ok.

I personally didn't mislabel these artists - BET and their high and mighty court did.

But thanks for swinging by and leaving such a well versed comment.

BTW - I listed Eminem as #1 and Wayne as 5. I think you should pick up a book (preferably a math textbook and learn to count).

Fashion Meets Food said...

Willows video was kind of shocking to me, but I kind of actually liked it. It was different thats for sure.

How could they not put Missy Elliot on the list? Seriously?! Eminem is my favorite rapper, he has so much talent and skills. Not to mention he lives by my parents ;)

Seriously I just think of Drake as the kid that got shot in Degrassi...LOL. He's in Detroit tonight and everyone is going insane (on the radio) about the show. Apparently he's paying girls to pass out as well.


LaShaune said...

FMF - I swear I must be older than dirt because I just don't get the Drake thing. Oh well - it's those youngins.

The official Whip My Hair video is out today - reminds me of a JC Penny's back to school ad but the song will forever be stuck in my head.

Fashion Meets Food said...

So I just wanted to let you know that I went with my friend to get her weave and corn rolls put in some girl came in saying she wanted the whip my hair heart hair!!!