Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yoga can get you in to Heaven

Or maybe not...

I'm not an expert on what will or wont get you closer to St. Peter in the afterlife, but personally, I think those who tell their parishioners that they shouldn't practice yoga because it diverges from Christian values are off-base.

There are plenty of totems that have been "normalized" from an Eastern culture - yoga being one of them. Heck modern-day Christianity stems from a multi-god religion. Yes, yoga is a Buddhist practice used to achieve a oneness with the universe and depending on your type of yogi - you may or may not chant.  So what! If you don't like chanting, turn it into Hail Mary's or other prayers.

Honestly, if you ask many Americans why they take yoga, it's for health benefits - it's a good work, it helps center Type A personalities after stressful days through the use of concentrated breathing and stretching movements. I don't think practicing yoga in the US negates your Christian values. If anything, a Christian may use their yoga time to meditate and say private prayers.

The day people stop spreading hate and start learning about the subtle differences among us - we will all be a better person for it.


Cat said...


Or should I say OM!

Whatever, I agree...


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

yeah, I read that article too and was thoroughly disgusted. I wish the ignoramuses (or however you spell it) in the world would learn how to shut up and stop spreading their stupid ignorant really does shed light on the the topic of religion versus spirituality. how can someone like that stand before a congregation and preach the word of God...that is not coming from God or from the Bible...that is coming from the ditches of dumb and ignorance. ugh.

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief. Can you imagine a world where the worst thing any church-goers did was practice yoga? The horror.