Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Consider yourself confused

Yesterday I had the suckiest of sucky workouts - or so I thought:

1. I didn't bring the correct sneakers so my feet were burning during C25K. I quit 15 minutes into the run.

2. The weight area is tiny and big beefy was trying to intimidate everyone near him by dropping the weights. I wasn't scurred. I started my big bad bicep challenge (you really should join me) off with 21s.  But wait, there's no room for me to get on the floor and do situps.  Then the constant thudding of weights hitting the floor was beginning to break through my noise-canceling headphones and I couldn't keep my mind-muscle connection. I quit after the 2nd rotation.

3. I tried to take an ab class. I generally skip these because of my lower back issues. But something in me said: Since you've fueled up on crap and you're half-assing your workout, you may as well try the ab class.   OOOOOOO - wrong move. I think there was a fallout cloud floating around me. I know - gross, TMI!

The good thing that came of this half-assed workout is that I went home and cooked! I made these sweet potato/black enchiladas. There were half-assed too because I used what I had on hand (moz cheese instead of jack, pickled jalapenos, parsley over cilantro - you get the picture). Talk about yum (even better the second day for lunch!!!).

So getting to the point of this post...Tony Horton an those Fan-actics at Beachbody talk about muscle confusion all the time. Heck, that's the entire concept of P90X and ChaLean Extreme.  But what the heck does that mean?  It means not doing the same workout over and over again because your body adjusts to the same repetitive motion. Ya'll know I love me some TurboKick and do it 4 days/week, but I'm rarely sore following those workouts. Tada!!!! Even after my BS workout yesterday, my thighs and biceps are sore. Am I figuring out this concept of muscle confusion?  Probably.  Will I mix up my workouts more often? Definitely.

So even if you're workouts aren't 4 stars and leaving you drenched in sweat, all movement is good movement. As one of my instructors says on a daily basis "even mistakes burn calories".


Cat said...

Even mistakes burn calories? My God, woman, I should be a size zero!!!



Fashion Meets Food said...

Okay the quote "even mistakes burn calories" is going on my door!


LaShaune said...

Cat - I wish my mistakes would cancel out my caloric intake! I guess I better up my mistakes.

FMF - definitely a good motto to have!