Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's not really a secret...

and the law of attraction isn't really a real-life law or a physics law, but it's an interesting concept that's been around since the dawn of time and goes by many names (namely, karma or positive thinking).  I didn't realize that I'm a closet optimist until this morning.  I cracked open The Secret since I finished Book of the Dead by Patrica Cornwell - nice transition, huh?

I've never been a self-help book reader, I don't believe in gimmicks or false science, and I haven't mastered the power of prayer; but what I realized is that I've been working the "law of attraction" for some time now.  This is how I moved to NYC and found an apartment under $1000, without paying broker fees and with no alt-side street parking (gosh, how I hated being duped by the city - when you thought you had a spot, you look up only to realize the street sweeper is coming that day down that side of the street - UGH!). My New York days were filled with positive attraction.  Even my move back to Houston was a name it and claim it type of move. Perfect apartment, perfect job (at that time) landed before I even moved back, decent salary.  And it's been an ongoing affair for me. It just took opening this book to realize it. I finished my degree last year not owing a dime to the government, bank or credit card company (just my parents and BF - at least that's no interest payments). I have a job where I don't stress, don't work long hours, and can take time when I want. I have a great BF. I'm able to travel although only nationally for the moment (my ultimate goal is Ibiza, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona for a minimum of 3 weeks).

These are all things I've asked for over the years and they have manifested themselves.

Now wait, I know what you're thinking.  You can't just think good things and they happen. No, you're right. But you can think positive things and put those positive moves into action. You can also set negative events into motion with negative thinking. It's the negativity that I am trying to correct at the moment (for me - it's money and the BF, it's employment) so I am using every tool available to me to change my mindset.

So what you're saying, LaShaune, is that I can think I will win the lotto and *POOF*, become an instant, overnight millionaire. No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that if you want something to happen in your life you have to think about it, you have to claim it and you have to put those actions into motion.

I've said all this as a means to get my BF to start with his power of positive thinking. My goal is getting him to visualize the perfect position, a good company with a solid foundation, a great locale be it in Houston or (hopefully) not Houston. I've given him my mother's copy of the book (my copy came from a co-worker).

Have you read the book?  Do you believe in positive thinking? Do you believe in karma? Are you an optimist or thinking I'm of it?

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The Merry said...

Haven't read the book.
I, too, am inclined to scoff at the 'wish and it shall appear' sort of thing.
And yes, even so, I too have seen things happen like you describe.
A few years ago I had a job where I used to go home, every night, fighting tears. On the train home, I would concentrate on writing down, every night, a list of /exactly/ what I was looking for in my next job.
And yes, oddly enough, I did get every single thing on that list in my next job. Or maybe it isn't so oddly.