Friday, April 16, 2010

Skinny Pants Struggle: Wk 2

I am typing this as I eat Smokehouse BBQ potato the quest for clean eating is still a quest. I have to make a trip to the supermarket for more fruit, cottage cheese and other necessities this weekend. Hmmm, maybe I will treat myself and go to Whole Foods or Central Market :)

Measurements - still none.  But I weighed this morning and I'm up 1 lb.  161.0. That's ok because I know it's just water.  I tend to really fret when it fluctuates 3-5 lbs.

Workouts: I did one thing right. I added a strength class.  It's only 30 mins, but it's a start. I am hoping we don't have to do those damn walking planks tomorrow since my traps hurt like a small monkey is stratteling my shoulders from that odd tortoure machince that is the recumbent ellipitcal. This is probably the easiest part for me because I love my workouts and finally have a schedule that works for me.

Game plan for this coming week:
1. add a second day of strength training
2. start (restart) a food journal
3. less junk, more good food in my diet - damn those chips!!!!

If you're thinking of getting in the game, check out Erin's progress. She's also linked the others who have manned up! Good luck Ladies!


Work With What You've Got said...

Food Journel = SO BRAVE. I am not ready for that yet, but I am behind you 100%~

Lisa said...

Food journal is a good idea! I always forget to actually write stuff down though.

I love strength training, I prefer it over cardio. I'm intrigued by the recumbent elliptical, I've never heard of that before. What does it look like/do?

LaShaune said...

@WWWYG: I've tried the journal (paper and online), but I'm just so lazy. I even neglect my sparkpeople account. But through this challenge, I will give it a try. Just not today since we're going to shoot pool - that means beer!

@Lisa: It's not fun. I have a bruise on my leg from getting smacked with the arm attachments. But it looks like a recumbent bike with movable arms. So you can pedal like a bike and use the handles to work your upper body. The machine will also function for leg and chest presses.

I'm such a glutton for punishment, I will probably do it again next week.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I'd like to hear more about your strength training class. Do you move from one exercise to the next without breaks? If so, 30 minutes is probably a pretty good workout. Taking that class twice a week would be great for you-especially since swimsuit season is approaching!