Monday, April 12, 2010

That which makes you stronger...

totally makes your butt hurt. Or at least your hamstrings.

So in order to incorporate strength training into my workout schedule, I told myself during REM sleep Friday night that I would take the toning class following my Saturday butt-kicking kickboxing class.  I could see the evil gleam in my instructor's eye as she bubbly told me I would thoroughly enjoy it. Ha! Ha!

I wasn't going to jump in head first and use the 8-10lbs. I planned to start out slow and light.  Please hand me the 3-4lbs dumbbells. Thank you.

The sets were seamless and easy - nothing fancy, no sumo squats or cherry pickers or dead-lifting your neighbor and her weights. It all seemed like a normal strength class.  Until....

Crazy move, enter stage right. We did a walking plank. WTF? Moving from walking plank to tricep push up on the bench.  Who-da-hell?!??!?  Let's just say, I did 1 set of walking planks and stretched for the kamikaze tricep push-ups. I still have grooves indented in my palms from the bench.

Note to self...remember to not only pack weight gloves, but wear them next time!

I was expecting my upper body to be sore,  but alas, it is my hamstrings that are crying to be let loose.  So folks, I will spend most of today (Monday) stretching and sucking down Aleeve and water.

Workout plan for Monday:  Zumba!  At least some butt shaking and gyrating will help.

What's your workout plan for today? How do you psych yourself up for your workouts? What's your favorite strength move?

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karen@fitnessjourney said...

Those walking planks are killer. They always have to throw in a challenge, don't they? Keep stretching and get a list rest.