Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I love my car(s)

A short and sweet update on the Coupe saga...I am learning to love my car more and more for a few reasons:

1. Driving 172 miles ranging from 85 to 100 mph (topping off at 95 mph) with the sunroof and the passenger side window open, burning only a 1/4 tank of gas, making slow traffic move right and not feeling the road in my feet or seat = exhilarating.

2. Even with a trunk the size of a shoebox, I was able to stuff 6 letter size boxes plus the overnight bag.

3. It feels like a two-seater

4. The stereo system bumps!

Why I love the Volvo:

1. distinct (and yes, extinct) style - square box style - but what sets mine apart from most others on the road - I have the dual headlights, whereas the newer 240s had a single headlamp.

2. its a smooth ride. Although the overdrive is out, at 70 mph it glides down the highway.

3. its heavy and can take a corner without having to slow down to 35

4. trunk large enough to stow two bodies

5. it fits in my one-car garage!

So, I think the ultimate balance will be to drive each car for a full week. This week is the fighter jet's turn. Next week - Beans and I will hit the road.

I guess I better post some pics, eh?

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