Friday, December 18, 2009

To Walk or Not To Walk...

That's the question of the day (actually of the month). I finished my undergrad studies in August of this year (thanks to missing the CLEP exam by 1 point - bastards). I shouldn't harp on my college - it does fall under the UH system, although, contrary to popular belief, it's not technically a UH school. That's ok - my diploma will say UH - Downtown - that's all that really matters.

Here in lies the rub...I am a non-traditional student (at age 37 returning to get my undergrad I didn't fit in with the straight out of high school bunch). I didn't find the course work to be that challenging, some of the courses were interesting, just no challenging. I am totally ok with just going to pick up my diploma in April when it's ready from the printers. I can do without having to sit outside in the cold for 4 hours listening to over 1200 names being called. I would much rather stay home and clean my office since I can't see the floor at this point.

But nooooooo....folks, including my BF and parents (actually, just my mom) are telling me that I MUST attend. Everyone is telling me that this is for my family. Um, they didn't help me pass my exams, write my papers, give my presentations, read the 5 novels in 1 summer course. So why MUST I attend graduation?

I still have time to make up my mind. I have my cap/gown and tassel. I have my camera ready. I have only invited my BF, brother and parents. I just need to load the next installment of Dr. Who onto my iPod and charge it so I wont fall asleep during the ceremony.

So the question remains - walk or no? To appease my folks - I guess I will walk.


The Merry said...

I had exactly the same dilemma, and yes, I ended up making the same decision. If it's my achievement, why is the graduation ceremony for other people?

Which is not in the least to disparage your achievement -- congratulations! I just think it's a personal thing and my family all disagreed.

TexNYQueen said...

Thanks Merry. Funniest thing, for a semi-educated person, I sure can't proof my writing or even use the correct version of the word: right vs. write. LOL!

Sheila said...

I got my degree when I was 32 years old (class of '00, baby!), and I am so glad I attended my graduation.

The ceremony is important - it marks a milestone in your life, a major accomplishment, and you need to wrap up that gift to yourself (your eduction) with a big bow and say "Woo! I did it!"

You won't regret going to graduation, but you might regret missing it.

Congratulations! It's a big deal. :)

Thanks again for posting on my blog!


TexNYQueen said...

Thank you Sheila. I did go and even after losing my tassel, realizing I didn't have enough cash to buy a replacement, finding a replacement, having the button pop off my cap, putting it back on, and freezing my rear off, among other mishaps - I had a great time and the photographs came out great.

I am glad I went and it was wonderful to see the smiles on my family's face!