Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Happy Day

And that it is for a few reasons...

1. I got paid on my freelance work - woo hoo!

2. My BF is now working! Woo FREAKIN Hoo. Being off work since March has had a huge strain on things, frustrating to say the least. It's never good to see a man who's used to working not work. But he's back and although tired is feeling a bit frisky...oh yeah - I will be a very happy camper soon ;).

3. It's Friday. Yes, I know that day comes around every 5 days or so...and Fridays at my place of employ is usually a royal pain in the rear since people are always shoving work my way - but I'm not going to let that ruin my high. I'm going to see Henry Cho at the Improv tonight. Man, he's hilarous.

I was reading Kimmi's blog and she made me revisit my goals:

I still haven't resolved my shopping addiction. I said I wasn't planning to shop for myself through the end of the year. I broke that ban and purchased:

1. a Shaft-styled brown leather jacket: $16
2. a brown suede car coat: $10
3. multi-colored double-strand necklace: $36
4. granny-styled knee length boots: $20
5. 4 pairs of pumps: $36 total

I don't know where this desire to spend money comes from. I'm truly cheap (protested on spending $5 on 3 pairs of trouser socks), but I need to learn to really be cheap and hold on to my money.

I did resolve my attachment issue (I think) and sold my volvo. Of course, I sold it to my uncle so I can still see it...but alas, it's sold. Now to move on to selling my blue velvet sofa and actually purchase a new one. Baby steps!

I have started (and restarted) the Hundred Push-Challenge. I am on Wk 1, Day 2, Level 3. The last set is what kicks my butt and my armpits hurt...but I'm liking the results - yes, I'm seeing them already because I started incorporating weight training with my cardio workouts too. I still need to start tracking my food intake. This will really be the big impact on my weight loss.

I haven't started studying for the GRE. I WILL start this after the holidays. No, it's not a New Year's resolution - it's just the right time to start.

So are you having a happy day?


Kimmi said...

First off, Thanks for the comment. I might actually post up the whole situation tomorrow, if I'm up to it.

Second, I LOVE Henry Cho! Bless Your Heart! He cracks me up!!!

The Merry said...

Yes! You will be the push up queen!

Go go go!
(That's supposed to be cheering, not nagging.)