Monday, November 23, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like __________

Can you believe it? It's almost time for Dude to come down the chimney and leaves loads of presents under the tree. I swear yesterday was 95 degrees and July. Man! Where has the time gone?

Reflecting back on this year I can say I finally graduated from college - that 20-year degree plan is OVA! But what else have I done? Bought stuff - does that count? Not really.

Some of us take this time at Thanksgiving to reflect on things we are grateful for. That I can do daily - I'm thankful I can even say that.

So looking ahead, what will I do in 2010? Buy more stuff? I'm sure. But there's bound to be some meaning to life (not 49 like Marvin discovered). There has to be more to do with my time other than stepping/fetching at work.

So instead of reflecting on what I'm thankful for, I think I will spend this time setting goals (fitness and financial) and understand just how to achieve them. I admire folks who have an innate drive that helps them achieve success in the goals they set. Then there are those of us who don't have anyone to keep them accountable, so we attempt, learn it's hard, and quit (or shelf it for another time when we feel the urge). I am going to learn how to finish what I set out to do and hopefully develop some willpower in the meantime.

Here are a few of my short term goals for the next few months:

1. Take on the 100 push-up / 200 squats challenge (that's Merry for the inspiration)
2. No shopping for myself until I can save $300 - yeah, it's not a lot of money - but for me - it's the start of an emergency fund. Thanks Janie for her 100 day challenge.
3. Study for the GRE and take it. It's time to become an adult (sooner or later) and I guess going to grad school will make in to one (doubt it but I can put my extra time to better use than watching NCIS all weekend).
4. Volunteer at the HSCPA. Man, their application is long. These essays are going to really tax my brain. But since I can't commit to actually adopting a dog, volunteering is the next best thing in my mind.

So this is the short list. Let's see how I do.

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Tina said...

Great goals! I seriously need to consider Merry's challenge too.