Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looking the part - part deaux

I keep re-reading my last post and I don't think I expressed myself clearly (a reason why I wasn't on the senior debate team in HS - I can make an argument, but have difficulty expressing myself clearly without mulling over my viewpoint).  So here I am again with the issue.

Thinking about looking the part of what you're selling leads me to think about the issue of body image. Am I wrong to say that I wouldn't chose someone who appears to look unfit as my trainer?  Then why would my workout partner chose to workout with me?  Yes motivation is different than training, but she could just as easily pick someone who 'looks' fit as her source of motivation.  We are, however, constantly cheering each other on and making sure we don't pass out during some of the workout classes.

We both talk a lot about body image and acknowledge there are certain areas of our bodies that we would like to change and are working towards changing.  However, we both say we want to avoid being super skinny - that's not our idea of beauty. Lately there has been national discussion on the issue of super skinny vs curvy in fashion mags, including many of us who follow Mad Men's favorite character.  Did ya'll know Christina Hendricks measurements are 39D-30-39? And my idea of super skinny are the resurgent of models who are so thin, you see collar bones, hip bones, knees and are poorly underdeveloped to the point they appear to look like pre-pubescent boys. Even Rachel Zoe can appear to be too skinny. That is simply my opinion on the super skinny issue.

So again thinking of looking the part and body image, I would have to say, again, we are all at different stages of weight loss - some have made it maintenance, some of us are still trying to get past those first 10 lbs.  So if there is someone a little plumper than my ideal, who's to say that person isn't the trainer/motivator for someone else? Maybe I need to get over my idea of looking the part and work towards achieving it!

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to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

That was very diplomatic, but I maintain you are entitled to your opinion whichever way it goes. I personally think there is a huge difference between a work out buddy who serves up the dual benefit of providing accountability and encouragement/motivation and that of someone you are paying to achieve a certain fitness goal, but hey...that's just me. =D