Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You gotta look the part...

in order to sell me the package.  At least that's my opinion when it comes to personal consultants: life coaches, AVON Reps, Mary Kay consultants and especially fitness trainers. 

I had this argument with my on/off workout partner. I said I would strive to be a fitness coach if I was in better shape. Her argument is that many ppl look fit but aren't. True enough. But that's not the point. If I am going to sell this, I gotta look like I know what I'm doing and talking about.

I am amazed that the folks at one of the gyms I visit has a good number of out of shape employees ranging from front desk check in to sales floor to the child care.  With a free membership as an employment perk, how could that be? I mused that I am surprised at the number of memberships this gym sells because their employees don't look the part of being fit. No, you don't have to be super thin to be fit and I realize you don't have to workout in order to sell me a gym membership.

But would you buy makeup from woman who never wears makeup or applies it in such a garish way that it screams Halloween each day?  Would you invest your money with an investment banker who is broke?  Would you pay for a life coach whose own life is out of sorts? 

When seeking out a fitness trainer, I want to see someone who appears fit, muscular with little to no jiggle. I want to train with someone who has a body shape similar to my personal goal. Yes, I would love to look like Donna Richardson Joyner! She can sell me a gym membership any day!

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to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

When I first started my weight loss / exercise journey, I was doing water aerobics and I loved it. One of my friends who lives down in League City decided that since I loved it so much, she was gonna check it out, so she went to a local gym and was shocked to find out the instructor was a 350 lb woman. Come on! Who wants to take water aerobics from someone that size?! Needless to say, she didn't go back. Poor representation of your product/service!

I completely know what you are saying!

Work With What You've Got said...

I don't have a trainer, BUT on my DVDs I prefer someone with an inch to pinch. I don't want to have zero body fat, and I don't really want to be coached by someone who does. Now, I'm not saying out of shape. I think you are right on that. I'm just saying I like a small layer of lady fat. You know what I mean?

LaShaune said...

Hey Ladies:

I totally get what you're saying. It's not to say the woman couldn't teach her class. I love to take classes from women who are at the same phase as I am or just over the hump. And yes, Erin, I get you on that layer of cushion - not super skinny over here.

But if you're gonna sell me some training sessions, coax me into shelling out my money to join a gym, I want to be able to picture the end results. If I ever get to the position where I can push someone to reach their goal, I want to look the part. I want that cut across my tricep, I want to keep my toned legs, I want a little less extra helping in my tummy.

I know that each person is different on their journey in life and we'll all get there in due time. I just want to look and feel fabulous along the way.

Fashion Meets Food said...

One of my college friends has decided to go back to school to become a trainer. I don`t know why they would even let her be a trainer. She is HUGE... like almost 400 pounds huge and thinks that she is motivational for people. I dont want someone who cant even walk up the stairs without passing out as my trainer. I dont know why people dont get that.