Tuesday, September 21, 2010

C25K what?

I know - it sounds like a curse word. Believe me, "Run" has never been in my vocab unless I'm being chased by Jason, Freddie and Michael all at once (even then, I probably would just throw shoes). When I started college many many many moons ago, I went on an ROTC scholarship. My plan was to be a biochemist (FAIL).  So in order to maintain the scholarship I had to loose weight (about 20 or so lbs if I remember correctly) and pass the PT test (FAIL, again). I HATED the weekly run. We ran by the psych ward, we ran around campus, we ran and I hated it. I never did enjoy having ppl yell at me either. That totally sucks. I was the one lagging waaaaay behind the safety guards on the runs. And now I know why. I never learned HOW to run. Yes, there is a proper way to run that includes foot placement, arm movements, and breathing. And as with many things, if we don't learn the proper way to do something, we won't do it and if forced to do it, we won't enjoy it.

Needless to say, other events took place among not passing those damn PT tests and I lost my scholarship. I also changed schools and majors too many times to count. No biggie. I did finally finish my degree (that 20-yr plan works wonders) and I became a walker.

So what's the all the hype behind Couch to 5k? Or am I just following the herd?

The hype is like P90X. You keep hearing enough about it and you just have to investigate (I'm still not sinking my money into P90X, though). It gets you moving faster than you were before.  Yeah, Yeah, slow and steady wins the race - I get ya...but going faster each time is exhilarating for me. I've recouped nicely from my ankle issues and finished out week 1 yesterday. I would have finished Saturday, but my Turbo instructor conned me into doing weights with her (let's just say I still have trouble hooking my bra in the morning - noodle arms).

I know - it's only a 60sec interval, but I am looking forward to week 2. Actually, I am looking forward to running an entire 30min interval. This has felt like a natural progression over my walking. I already have a fast pace, naturally and when I'm on the treadmill I keep my pace somewhere in the 4.0-4.2 range. So now, my first week of jogging I set my pace between 4.4 and 4.5 with a 2.0 incline so I'm not walking downhill.   My plan for week 2 is to increase my jog pace between 4.6 and 4.8 with an include of 3.0.

I still possess some sort of mental block when it comes to a food diary. Grrrr! I did find a nice undated calendar that I can use to make my daily menu - now to just pull that thing out the bag and start using it. Therein lies the issue!

Do you keep a food journal?  Do you keep it in paper format or online?


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Anonymous said...

Have you tried http://www.thedailyplate.com/? I used to use it, but got lazy and stopped. It was really easy though, just about every food you could imagine is searchable on this site and it means that much less paper to keep up with.

I'm glad you are learning the proper way to run, although I had no idea there was a right/wrong way. I too loathe running but maybe if I was doing it correctly I would enjoy it more.

Cat said...

You know, I mis-read the title. I was thinking, my, oh, my, woman, you are really motivated, 25K? then I realized it was the couch TO 5K initials.

I think I need my glasses checked...

But you are doing great, keep it up! Treadmilling is in my future, if Husband can decide what kind he wants to get. I keep telling he has to buy two of them, however, so my dog can run with me!



LaShaune said...

Sara - thank you for the link. I will give it a try. I have tried www.caloriecount.com for a while - I just really suck at logging that info but making an effort.

Cat - you make me laugh! By the way, I just got my new frames (www.framesdirect.com) for 1/2 the price at Lenscrafters (and submitted for reimbursement through my insurance).

For a good treadmill, I would suggest workoutwarehouse.com I ordered a proform from there back in 2004 (just sold it since I use the treadmills at the gym) and had a coworker order that and an elipitcal in 2007. I like the fact that I could pay it out over time using my credit card vs. all of that at once or layaway. Also consider HSN. Good luck!!!!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

I did C25K three years ago when I was getting back into running after a year of smoking and gaining 30 pounds. I do recommend, but I also recommend that if you really hate running, there are so many other ways to get a good work out that why not find something you enjoy more?

I should keep a food diary because I am not very good about portion sizes, but I'm training for a marathon so I don't want to obsess about calories.