Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July or Canada Day...

Wishing everyone a happy Independence Day or Canada Day (if I have any Canadian readers).

So for my plan of learning to enjoy Sacramento and finding places, events that don't truly suck...we are keeping it simple for the long weekend.

Transformers 3 is on deck for today! I wont lament to the fact that this city only has 2, yes I said 2,  IMAX theatres! Oh the horror!!! The local IMAX is only showing that kiddie movie and some nature scene, the other is 30mins from my apt. It does happen to be showing T3 on the IMAX screen but in 3D. I don't do 3D movies.

Tomorrow is date to the comedy club to see D.L. Hughley.  Hi-lariously funny.

Sunday will be devoted to housework (ugh, such a chore) and carb-loading!!!

Why the carb-loading you ask...because, foolishly I plan to run the 4th of July Fun Run. I still haven't figured out why people insist on adding "fun" as an adjective when describing running. I wouldn't, well at least not for anything over 3 miles.  Monday's run will be my longest. No Kim, I still haven't been stung by that running bee (I did shoo a moth out of the apt this morning) but this is a freebie, so why not. I may just skip the entire way!

And to end the long holiday weekend on the right foot, fireworks at Cal Expo. 

So this has the potential to be a great weekend and I hope yours does too.


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

I really only like the races - HUGE adrenaline junkie. The training sucks. I've determined I really don't like running very much. I just like the sense of accomplishment once it's done (and whatever "free stuff" I get for participating). haha!

Carbo-loading is always a nice benefit, as well. ;)

LaShaune said...

Ok so maybe the rug bug has bitten...Next 5K is set for 8/13 (the day after the meteor shower)! Yeah, and I like free stuff too.