Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Excuses are out of fashion

Really, I no longer have an excuse to not workout. There isn't a good one that can be used to deter me from the gym, unless I am on my death bed or the doctor has ordered it.

Over the past 3 weeks I have seen people in every manner of dress at the gym (most I would not recommend). I have seen women in slack and those ugly orthopedic shoes walking on the treadmill. I even saw one lady in a demin skirt and faux ugg boots using the elipitcal. So saying I have nothing to wear to the gym is out the window.

Last night I went straight from work to the gym (I was bad on the finance side because I overslept and had to pay $12 for parking - UGH! You best believe I got up this morning ON TIME and got my butt to the train). I hit the gym a half hour early to get in some treadmill time before my kickboxing class - worked up a great sweat and a great attitude (I so love the tunes on my iPod and the good looking guy on the stairclimber 2 rows in front was perfect eye canday).  Went to TKB and made it through both turbo sections but decided to check out afterward.  My excuse - my hair was sopping wet, slapping me in the face and I didn't have anything to pull it back. Plus, the CD was skipping and being off beat A LOT was annoying me as well. So, I used those two issues as an excuse to breakout.


As I was walking out, walking right past the WW meeting - I generally look over just to peek at what they're doing - listening to the meeting leader. However, something else caught my eye. I looked left and saw several very large women dressed and ready to workout while waiting on a tour of the gym.  Now, what the hell was my excuse for leaving the class early?

No more excuses!