Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok, I am now convinced that my classmates (and I use that term lightly) believe that I am Muslim. Not that that is a bad thing since I don't associate myself with any religion. However, I am still in shock and awe over the lack of knowledge, tolerance, and just general understanding of the people in this class, including the instructor.

Growing up, I was normally the token in the class. That didn't bother me because that was what I was used to. But growing up where I did, I was introduced to art and culture at a young age. Gotta love the Huntington Library and the La Brea Tar Pits.

Its not until moving to the South, not even the deep South, is when a person comes to realize there are differences among people. Luckily I moved from here to NYC and was immersed in a melting pot of scents, sights, sounds almost to the point of being overwhelmed. So I was able to expand my sense of multiculutralism.

But for those who never leave their neighborhood, can't navigate the city streets beyond a few blocks, who can't find their way to the Contemporary Arts Museum - there is a whole wide world out there and if you need directions, I can certainly provide them!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Expand Your Consciousness

The more I dwell on this, the more irked I become. This fall, I re-enrolled in college (I am on the 20-year plan) and registered for 18 hours of sheer fun, right? Well, most of my courses fall hand-in-hand. From Philosophy of World Religions and Philosophy of Race to Minorities in America and Race and Crime. There are two other courses (Medical Writing and African American Issues in Psych) but they aren't as thought-provoking as the titles make them seem. That sentiment actually bodes for all my classes with the exception of the religion and the race courses.

Yesterday was a particularly annoying day. My Minorities instructor is male and Nigerian. Some would ask, what in the world does that have to do with anything. Well, I'll get there in a minute. He is married to an American Black female who has already earned her PhD. The other trait is that he's Christian.

So here's my issue: The chapter we are studying is Arabs and Muslims (contrary to popular belief, they are not one in the same). I firmly feel that if you, as a professor, are planning to lecture on a topic that is not necessarily your forte, then you should research the topic further beyond the text. I'm not so concerned that he brings in his own viewpoints, although at times they are narrow-minded, but I am irked that as a "worldly" person who is supposed to teach so others can learn yet he can not see both sides of the coin. To add insult to injury, he as well as the rest of the class hates the fact that I am knowledgeable on some subjects. Mmm, I did mention that I am taking a WORLD RELIGIONS course!

This is precisely what is wrong with the current election, education, and even the criminal justice system. To continue to foster ethnocentric values (and this professor does it unknowingly) only continues the vicious cycle that Americans are rude, abrasive, obnoxious and ethnocentric.

Folks, there's a world of shyt going on outside of the crap that is happening on our shores and the crash on Wall Street with its ripple effects and the worldwide shyt affects us each and every day. Learn about your neighbors, their religion(s), their food, their culture, etc. Learn tolerance of others who may be "different" than your norm because to them, you too are different.

I've prattled on enough but will leave you with this one thought: if our government did not possess the idea that their way is the only way and that America is the liberator of the world, we would not have our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, dying overseas in a war based on lies.

Expand your consciousness!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Whew - the scale is back where it has been for the past few months, a number I can get with. Again, this does not mean I am giving up those AM workouts, I believe those are helping me with those digits on the scale.

This morning's DVD: TurboJam Fat Blaster - dropped 1 lb of water in 30 min!!!!

Granted water weight is not the goal. The goal is fat loss, but it was still exhilerating seeing the scale numbers back in range this morning.

Tomorrow's workout: TubroJam 3-T - time for some strength training.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can't possibly be 5 lbs of H2O

Ok, co-worker claimed that my weight gain woes were simply based on some water weight. That just can't be possible. I know what I put in my mouth over the past two weeks and I know I haven't been as dedicated to my workouts as I should is it possible, that I retained almost 5 lbs (not the 1st reported 3.5 - hey, I had to come to grips with the gain) in water?

Regardless if the water gods saw fit to strike me down with the extra poundage, I know that it's gone. I am back to what I am used to the scale revealing. Granted it's still 10 lbs more than my goal which was set almost 6 months ago - but this is a work in progress.

This return to "normalacy" does not mean that I am dropping my 5 am workouts and skipping my off evening committments. In the short two days, I have found them slightly exhilarating and I am hoping that by next week, I wont be dragging my arse around by 4:30pm. Plus, I just ordered a new DVD and I can't wait to put this one into rotation.

Granted, it's only been 4 days (I'm counting Saturday's workout) and I know for me it takes 2 weeks to form a new habit, but I am optimistic that this will work. Yes, I need to keep my food journal - I still have issues writing that down - but I am mindful about what I pack for lunch during the work-week.

Here's the rest of the week's line-up:
Tonight is a 3-mile walk with The Fella, if the rain stops.
Friday - dancing
Saturday - Turbo Jam 3-T workout or actually making it to the gym for a kickboxing class
Sunday - hopefully I can find a yoga class at the gym

Woo hoo - accountability!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Diet coke does not cancel calories

Contrary to popular belief, a diet coke or pepsi doesn't cancel out any calories. Granted there is some theory behind the exothermic qualities of diet coke, but it's not enough to burn all the calories consumed in one day. So what's a girl to do? Why exercise, of course.

I am posting early as a way to keep myself accountable since today is my evening workout day.

Yesterday's meal, on a scale of "right-on" vs. "whatchutalkingbout willis", I would have to say it was in the middle with Mrs. Garret screaming Tootie!. Because I know better. I did slack and tried to curb my sweet craving with bread pudding at lunch and a skinny chai latte during my 7pm class. I honestly think it has been these Starbucks drinks, skinny or not, that have added these extra pounds. So yesterday was the final day for anything delicious. Just kidding. I can't say that my eating plan is back on track since I had a whole wheat blueberry pancake for breakfast this morning - not over the calorie count and I know I have to watch the rest of the day. Thank goodness for packing my lunch.

So the saga continues...the woes and joys of eating and working out. But I know Chalene has something in store for me this evening and I am actually looking forward to slipping in the Turbo Jam Cardio Party DVD this evening.

Thanks for letting me stay accountable to me and for the mindless ramble!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Where the hell did those extra pounds come from?

Ok…it’s confession time yet again. No, I did not buy another pair of shoes. I simply picked up the pair I committed to buying and paid for prior to the shopping hiatus.

I have, however, gained 3.5 lbs in the last few days. I can only attribute this weight gain to the evils that is Starbucks. Damn those venti green tea lattes and pumpkin loaf! Or it could be possibly due to the staple of pasta I’ve had as leftovers this past week (mmmm, sautéed shrimp and asparagus in pesto over bow tie). Ok, I better stop before my apple/cinnamon oatmeal never sees the pit of my stomach.

Since I returned to school, my evening workouts have suffered tremendously. The kickboxing classes I looked forward to in the evening fall on the days of my current course schedule and I find other things to do on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So on top of the self-imposed shopping ban, I am now instituting 5 am workouts on Mondays/Wednesdays and evening workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All I have to say is that 5:00am came super early this morning but I am thankful to The Fella for sending me two text messages urging me to get my arse out of bed. And I am also grateful to the TurboJam DVDs I ordered two years ago – Chalene Johnson is a complete nut and her personality keeps your coming back to those DVDs for more punishment.

And in an effort to save some money, I am freezing my gym membership for the next 3 months (reminder to log on to I know some of ya’ll are saying with the DVDs (note profile, complete exercise DVD junkie) why have a gym membership? I can add even more lighter fluid to the fire. I also have a treadmill, free weights, and a weight bench. The gym membership is a way to get my butt out of the house and not go to the mall. But it is all coming to an end for the next 3 months.

I will also add to your sheer boredom in an effort to keep myself accountable, I will return to keeping my online food diary as well as workout diary, probably through the blog since I am terrible about logging in to

Today is kick-off day:

5:00am workout: TurboJam – Lower Body Jam

8:00am breakfast: apple/cinnamon oatmeal (130 cal)

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hello, I too am a Shopaholic

‘Tis true, times are ominous. Everyday is becoming scarier by the minute. Watching the stock market plunger deeper into the nether regions as my pension accounts shrinks is a nightmare.

Even with this looming over our heads, I still cannot bring myself to stop shopping. I have a confession to make…My name is TexNYQueen and I am a fashion-a-holic. Over the past 6 months to a year, I have become obsessed with the latest trends and how can I incorporate them into my closet. I have bought countless pairs of shoes, the unique handbag, or obscure piece of jewelry to add to my horde. Last night, while yacking with The Fella, I had an epiphany…I spend too much money on BS.

Obviously, I am not the only feeling the pain. Sal at Already Pretty and Budget Chic are saying the same thing. It is time to slow or even stop our spending. Sal has developed a good plan, one I think I can TRY to incorporate into my lifestyle. I love to thrift shop too so at least I’m not quitting cold turkey. The one other thing I will add to her list is no more ebay buying.

Do you have the shopping disease too? Are you planning to curb your spending as the economy continues to tank?

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