Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can't possibly be 5 lbs of H2O

Ok, co-worker claimed that my weight gain woes were simply based on some water weight. That just can't be possible. I know what I put in my mouth over the past two weeks and I know I haven't been as dedicated to my workouts as I should is it possible, that I retained almost 5 lbs (not the 1st reported 3.5 - hey, I had to come to grips with the gain) in water?

Regardless if the water gods saw fit to strike me down with the extra poundage, I know that it's gone. I am back to what I am used to the scale revealing. Granted it's still 10 lbs more than my goal which was set almost 6 months ago - but this is a work in progress.

This return to "normalacy" does not mean that I am dropping my 5 am workouts and skipping my off evening committments. In the short two days, I have found them slightly exhilarating and I am hoping that by next week, I wont be dragging my arse around by 4:30pm. Plus, I just ordered a new DVD and I can't wait to put this one into rotation.

Granted, it's only been 4 days (I'm counting Saturday's workout) and I know for me it takes 2 weeks to form a new habit, but I am optimistic that this will work. Yes, I need to keep my food journal - I still have issues writing that down - but I am mindful about what I pack for lunch during the work-week.

Here's the rest of the week's line-up:
Tonight is a 3-mile walk with The Fella, if the rain stops.
Friday - dancing
Saturday - Turbo Jam 3-T workout or actually making it to the gym for a kickboxing class
Sunday - hopefully I can find a yoga class at the gym

Woo hoo - accountability!!!!

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