Thursday, October 30, 2008


Ok, I am now convinced that my classmates (and I use that term lightly) believe that I am Muslim. Not that that is a bad thing since I don't associate myself with any religion. However, I am still in shock and awe over the lack of knowledge, tolerance, and just general understanding of the people in this class, including the instructor.

Growing up, I was normally the token in the class. That didn't bother me because that was what I was used to. But growing up where I did, I was introduced to art and culture at a young age. Gotta love the Huntington Library and the La Brea Tar Pits.

Its not until moving to the South, not even the deep South, is when a person comes to realize there are differences among people. Luckily I moved from here to NYC and was immersed in a melting pot of scents, sights, sounds almost to the point of being overwhelmed. So I was able to expand my sense of multiculutralism.

But for those who never leave their neighborhood, can't navigate the city streets beyond a few blocks, who can't find their way to the Contemporary Arts Museum - there is a whole wide world out there and if you need directions, I can certainly provide them!

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Savvy Mode SG said...

i agree with you totally. a gal pal tells me she has co-workers who do not venture further than los angeles, the city.