Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a new Weight Watchers

At least that what all the hype seems to be about.

As many of us on the weight-loss train can attest, we've tried WW in the past. For some, it works(ed) and for!?!  Well, I tried the At-Home version in 2004-2005 and lost 10 lbs. But I took issues with the apparent promotions of their products (frozen meals, frozen treats, protein bars, etc).  This new WW program seems to take that into account and now pushes REAL food (fruits and veggies are 0 points) and working out. Sheila is a lifer, group leader, and provided a great review of the new program.

So, one final thing I am thinking of taking advantage of from my job before I depart is the deeply discounted WW program.  I may be a group exercise class junkie, but I'm not sure how I feel about group weigh-ins so I'm leaning towards the online program. The other pitfall for me is that I know how revved up I get about new weight-loss endeavors (especially about tracking my food) and fall off part way through. So, do I spend the $$$ to track my points thinking I fall off mid-way or even early into the game? Or do I just keep plugging along with my paper journal (so far 1 week down) and new eating plan of a protein shake for breakfast and dinner, 2 snacks and a sensible lunch (sounds like a commercial, huh?)? Or should I put my $$$ into the fitbook?

I'll decide tomorrow after the on campus info-meeting.

Do you WW?  Are you good with tracking points or counting calories? What other tools do you use (Calorie anyone?) to track your intake and exertion?


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

My sister and bro-in-law both count calories. My sister is down 104 lbs and my BIL is down 117 lbs. They aren't perfect - they indulge here and there. My BIL doesn't even exercise. I think if you commit to something (truly commit), it will work if it's the right fit. I, personally, can't count calories or do WW. For me it was always a license to eat what I shouldn't be eating as long as I counted it. I have no self control - so then I pushed it and tested it and eventually failed (10 times or so...haha!). I like your plan of going to the info meeting and taking it from there - smart girl!

The English Organizer said...

I think it's worth a try in your remaining weeks... and when you arrive in CA, it might be a nice way to meet a few people.
I've never joined a WW group myself, but there's something about the group accountability which seems to work well.