Friday, January 7, 2011

The date is set

Movers will take my stuff Feb 21, 2011 and head West! 

A friend of mine and I were to go see Chin, the physic Buddhist, but I chickened out. Then, she offered me a chance to have my numbers read over the holiday break.  The brief information I was given (he wanted to study my numbers further) on my past and past lives was disturbing to say the least, but it wasn't anything I didn't know.'s my past - I was there. I wrestled with that information up through Monday. But I do know that I am not trapped my past nor am I doomed to repeat it.

Up until a few days ago I was still unsettled as to whether the decision to move to Sacramento to be with The Fella was the right decision.  Hence the reason that I hadn't decided on an actual move date. Yes, he gave up being in close proximity to his children and family. I am giving up a secure job, a home, and my family and friends. I was feeling guilty of leaving my family with an additional home that needs to be renter.  I was feeling guilty of leaving a boss who has been so wonderful to me.  I had to figure out what I am gaining by making this decision...

I am gaining the kick in the pants that will force me out of my comfort zone and work towards my next goal of being a RD.

I am gaining a greater connection with The Fella, a fresh start to a blossoming relationship.

I am gaining new adventures.

I am gaining a new perspective on me and what I can be and what we can be together.

I am no longer feeling guilty.

I know that if I don't go, I'll always wonder - what if...I'm not that type of person. I'm going because I want to go and I need to go. I am at peace with this decision and I look forward to Feb. 21!


V said...

Congrats! And who is this psychic buddhist? I want to know more about that!

to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

Yay, I'm excited for you (but sad for me since you are my new found friend). BUT, we will always have email, FB, and blogs to stay in touch, PLUS with your fam living here, I'm sure you will come back to visit! We totally need to plan that get together - I'm thinking dinner and a movie or lunch and a movie!

peacefulgrve said...

I know the feeling of wonder and ironically thata how I ended up here in tx. I don't regret it one bit.

Sometimes looking at ones past is not to infer they are stuck or still living there yet to offer a glimpse at who you were as opposed to who you are now. Only YOU can answer for your growth an development. I'm excited and anxious for you simultaneously. Yet life is an adventure that must be LIVED!

In the end it's not about the Fella or friends or family but that face and those eyes that look back at you when you look into any mirror. Everyone else is just an extra in your life.

Love ya!

Go west youngin!!! (gives me a place to visit!)

-J said...

Go WEST!!! At the point you made the decision, it was the right call. Don't second guess!! I will send you some Lakers gear when you get settled!!

The English Organizer said...

Hey, very best of luck! I don't know Sacramento very well but I think as a city it has lots to offer and the location (<2 hours from Lake Tahoe and San Fran) is hard to beat.
Thanks so much for your comment about my old blog still coming up in your Google Reader. I'm wondering, is by chance the new feed ( appearing now?