Monday, January 24, 2011

It's all about the hair

FYI - I was not paid for this review...

Yes, I am doing my very first product review because I've gotta let ya'll know how much I really really really love this thing.

But you're gonna have a wait a minute (or speed read, or skip to the bottom) because there's a mini background info that I must get through first.

Women and hair go together like coffee and cream, cupcakes and coffee, convertibles and sunny days. Black women and hair go together almost like oil and water.  We're never very happy with our hair texture, length, color, thickness, style or just generally being on our heads. Thanks to weaves, braids and wigs we can do just about anything to our hair these days.

When I was younger I used to glue in my own weave tracks.  I never could get down wearing wigs (my head heats up with all that brain power going on) and I've been doing my own relaxers since I was 16. I couldn't tell you the true texture of my hair except thick! I've had it cut Salt-n-Pepa sideways to Halle Berry bob from Boomerang to currently just grazing my shoulders. As of late, I have been contemplating cutting it all off.

Why? Why lose my crown and glory?  Because I'm tired of relaxing my hair. I workout a lot (6 days/week) and I sweat A LOT!!! This leads to sweating out the chemical process and just leads to unnecessary damage to my hair.

Here's the good part...

Well this past Christmas, I struggled with what to give my mom for a present. We differ when it comes to taste in clothes, shoes and handbags (plus, she has 3 closets full of stuff). So she mentioned she wanted an Instyler. Ta-Da.  Problem solved. I headed over to the wonderful bedding/bath store with coupon in hand and snatched one up.

Of course I was skeptical that it would even work on Black hair. Black women spend billions of $$$$ on hair care products, most of which don't work. How many flat irons do you have in your drawers (I have 2, and 1's a chi). So when my mom finally pulled it out the package and announced she was happy with it (just don't use it when your hair wet), I was still skeptical. Especially since her hair is fine (thanks to all the over processing, years of dye jobs, flat ironing, hot combing, and weaves).

Well, I used it last weekend prior to jetting off to Sacramento.  Loved the results (minus burning my ear). No burnt hair smell, no need to keep applying oil so the ends aren't damaged. I had great volume and body (not like the old Blonde lady in the infomerical, but I was happy with the results).

I am itching to order my own Instyler (just can't swing the $99 at the moment). The one downfall is the whirling noise it makes. It caught me off guard the first few times.  I used it again this weekend while visiting her house and you get used to the noise.

So if you've been thinking of getting one - go for it. Make sure you use your BBB coupon for 20%.  And if the folks from Instyler are reading this, I'd gladly accept a freebie! Otherwise, I'm trolling eBay for 1.

What's your fav hair care product?


Work With What You've Got said...

All people who are not a black woman should watch "Good Hair" to get a glimpse of what it's like.

I'm never happy with my hair either, it's too thing, too frizzy, too blah. But I have a friend who has one of those and she is Latina with typical Latina curls and BAM it makes her hair SO STRAIGHT. I'm totally considering getting one myself...

LaShaune said...

I just watched that while in Sacramento (I'm so late on movies). But the concept applies across the board. We all want what someone else has. I would love to wake up one day with naturally curly hair but I know the painstaking process to keep it healthy is not for me!

I love the Instyler and my mom's may just come up missing!!!

to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

I think I saw the infomercial for this - did it have Kimberley Locke from Idol in it? It looked cool - I wondered if it could even straighten my hair!

The Merry said...

At least Sacramento doesn't have much in the way of humidity or rain -- except of course right after you've gotten your hair styled just right.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure about the instyler on MY hair but I love the fact that I can mix up my own conditioners and spend less money and it smells the way I WANT me to smell!. I wanna chop this main however...I'm opting for color and highlights instead. I won't chop until I hit 50! short and sassy baybee...

Carli said...

Girl, I don't know about that....a whirling brush on black hair...hmmmmmm. I'll have to try somebody else's first. LOL!

Anil Dhawan said...

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