Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Gold Rush

I'm back from my exploratory trip to Sacramento.  When most of us think of California, we think of San Diego, Hollywood or San Francisco. Sometimes Palm Springs, Napa/Sonoma, or even Yosemite.  Rarely does anyone say "Hey, I'm heading to Sacramento for the weekend!" 

Well, I did.  It was foggy, cloudy, rainy and cold. Reminds me of Tacoma/Puyallup minus the elephant ears and the fair.  Honestly, the area that we will be living in is very suburban so I am preparing myself for the adjustment. I've come the conclusion that I can do city dwelling or country living.  The 'burbs is like a rash and there may not be enough caladryl.

The Fella and I spent a lot of "us" time which was just awesome. We did some exploring, even heading to the Wells Fargo History Museum in old Sacramento which is really a corner office packed full of information about Wells Fargo and the gold rush. On my to-do/visit list is definitely The Crocker and the State History Museum. And, I am looking forward to taking the Amtrak to San Jose. Yes, I am a total nerd. 

My countdown at work is continuing.  2.5 weeks left and my position isn't posted, my boss hasn't selected a potential candidate from the pile he has already interviewed, and the work continues to pile up. But the best part is that I am no longer feeling guilty. I am no where close to making headway packing, I need to find a moving company and buy bubble wrap. Not to mention sell off the furniture. Luckily, a few items have been claimed but are still residing at Casa Ingomar for another few weeks.

Yes, I am sad to leave Houston. But I am excited for the new path I plan to take. On my horizon, I see school and travel.Oh yes, I guess I better fit some work in there too.

Onward, Ho!


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

Sounds like your doctor dude needs to get on the ball!

Do you need some mover recommendations? Let me know!

Glad you and The Fella had quality time together - that alone is priceless.

Oh and are a nerd! ha! =P

-J said...

You are indeed a nerd. A very well prepared, well traveled one... but yes, a nerd.

It sounds like you really need to get in gear!! Pack!! Get moving. Cut the cord and head west! I mean if the alone time alone didn't motivate you...

The Merry said...

The only thing I like about Sacto is the Train Museum in Old Town. That was awesome. Of course, I might be biased. I went with two uncles (one mother's and one father's brother). My mother's brother had worked all his life for Santa Fe, like his father before him. My father's brother had likewise worked for Union Pacific, like his father. Between the two of them, they gave a fascinating history lesson of trains. I'll never forget it.
However, even without uncles, it's a good museum.
Plus, Sacratomato is midway between the Sierras and SF, so there are good things to see only a few hours away. Enjoy!

The Merry said...

Hmmmn. Did Blogger eat my comment, or was my computer playing games with me? (I suppose if I can play games on my computer, it should be allowed to return the favor.)

LaShaune said...

Sorry Merry - I can be really slow at checking comments. I should really set this to self publish. I am looking forward to the scenic routes of Northern CA, especially after growing up in Southern CA.

The English Organizer said...

When you take your Amtrak trip, you might consider getting off in Emeryville and taking the connecting bus to San Fran, instead of going all the way to San Jose. I was in SJ yesterday and it's one of the strangest downtowns I know: some restaurants, a tech museum and a cineman, but that's about it. No actual shops... so it always feels kind of deserted.
Thanks so much for your help with my blog/reader questions!