Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where ya from is where ya at

Well, in my case...where I'm from is where I just left.

It's now 3 weeks of Sacramento living and I have to say I'm so tired of the bad fashion and especially the Ugg-like boots and puffy coats with the faux fur collars. Blech!

As I was wandering into my 4th supermarket (when avocados are $2 each you know food prices are sky-high here) behind some woman in pink stretch pants, white faux-fur topped snow boots and a too-short puffy coat, I patted myself on the back thinking: Thank goodness my license plate says Texas.

I've never been one to say I'm from this place or that. I don't claim any city as my "Hometown". I spent my 1st 13 years in Southern Cali, spent Jr High and High School in the PacNW, 2 years of college in AL, some of my adulthood in NYC and Houston. But after being here for 3 weeks and reading the March issue of Texas Monthly (did you know this the Terquasquicentennial or the 175th Anniversary of the start of a great nation = Texas?) I am really leaning towards claiming Houston as my hometown or at least Texas as my home state (but I will always be a wannabe NYer in my heart).

It's not so much that the fashion is in dire straights here, that the drivers rarely hit 75 mph on the highway, the speaking cadence hurts my ears, that the thrift stores suck, or that this place is super suburban. It just doesn't have that home-like feeling.

But what makes Houston, TX that much better than Sacramento, CA?  It's easy to learn - if you can find the malls, then you can find your way around town. I can get my eyebrows threaded for under $10 bucks (here, it's $12). The museums are centrally located and free EVERY Thursday. Discovery Green and Hermann Parks - need I say more? Montrose is within 10-15mins. Titos vodka.

Don't get me wrong. There are some pluses to Sacramento such as 2nd Saturday (akin to 19th on 19th in The Heights or 1st Saturday in the Heights), the outlet mall is only 32 miles away, decent Cuban and Indian food. San Francisco is about an hour drive.  The mountain ranges and being close to Yosemite or Reno (when it's not snowing).

So I guess I'm trying to ward off the blues.  I didn't think I would miss Houston as much as I do. But being here with The Fella is a the best plus and hopefully we can discover the weird, cultural and fun events  that Sacramento has to offer.


Cat said...

Having lived in one place pretty much all my life, I am astounded at all the "doings" you've been in. I think with that 'pedigree', you could pretty much say you are from wherever you darn well wanna be!


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

I think it must be challenging to adapt to a new culture. West coast living is WAY different from Southern living. I have that figured out just listening to my brother - heck he adapted to East Coast living first and then went west - ha!

You are so good about getting out there and doing stuff - experiencing life - becoming one with what your city has to offer. I have no doubt you will blend in well (but with better fashion sense - obviously) in no time at all. In the meanwhile, happy to hear that you and the fella are doing well! =)

LaShaune said...

Thanks Ya'll. I know I'm belly aching and this crappy weather isn't making it any better. NoCal is a different breed than any other place I have lived. NYC was the easiest to adjust to - there was ALWAYS something to do/see, somewhere to walk/visit either alone or with company.

So I need to get the map from The Fella and start making tracks across the State Capital and see what this place is made of.

Carli said...

Still laughing at the "Ugg-Like" boots! I tried on the real ones, and they looked terrible on my feet. I'm sure you will adjust soon.

Fashion Meets Food said...

I lived in Michigan my whole life up until last year.. its been such an adjustment. Especially getting us to these disgusting bugs...ick! I wear ugg boots constantly during the fall and winter and around the house. My mum use to tell people they're my security blanket when I dont have heels or knee high boots on lol.


Savvy Gal said...

I love the UGG comment. : )

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I always miss Houston when I leave too.

P.S....The place where I took my latest was near Shepherd and I-10. I tend to always keep an eye out for places to take pics while I'm running around town:)

Anonymous said...

I recommend you only use the supermarkets in Sacramento as a last resort for what you can't get at the Korean markets, Farmer's markets, Fruit stands, and Dollar stores. Maybe it's the 99 Cent store that has the great produce, but the Dollar Tree stores in Sacramento have wine for $1 a bottle that is often great - $12 in Seattle. Trader Joe's has $2 wine every day. When we lived in Seattle, I would fill the car up with food just before the drive home to save money, and to get fresher food.

LaShaune said...

Thanks for the info Beryl. I love 2 buck Chuck and smuggled home a full case in my suitcase during my last trip to California!