Sunday, April 10, 2011

Here I am...

Wow, it's been a minute since I've posted and as I read back through them, I'm taking stock on the various life differences in such a short time period.

BTW - I'm working! Woo hoo...To all my nay-sayers, folks who doubted I'd find a job, let alone a decent paying job within a month - I did...Oh and a certain med college can pucker up and kiss it. Pshaw, I say to you for calling me back on 4 jobs to say that you found a more qualified candidate. BS...ok, I'm over brooding about that especially since I received the job I wanted.

There were several reasons for me to keep this online journal - fitness/food, fashion, and money. Well, I'm still the soccer mom without kids and a mini van and probably will never fall into the fashion blog world. But I'm comfortable and have broken out of my mold on a few occasions. I'm still not rich BUT I'm no longer overspending (thanks to the cushion I now have) and not living beyond my means.

My main issue remains fitness. My fitness goals are out there in the ether but not on paper. I can continue to complain about the move and use that as a crutch or I can shut the hell up and make the best of it. I now have a decent schedule of 6 days a week encompassing 3 days of TKB, 2 days of body pump and 1 day of yoga. I am still toying with WW. I know some are having success and I know the program works. I also know I need accountability. I'm great Mon-Fri and now I'm back to food issues on the weekend, especially salt and not enough water.

So I will use my new paper journal to track my food and workouts. I will put my goals on paper and in full view. I will try to weigh once a week (Saturday mornings) to stop driving myself insane over the scale. I will work harder at making it to all 6 planned workouts instead of coping out for 1 reason or another.

That's the gameplan for now.


to dream the KIMpossible dream said...

I need a game plan. My current one is sooo game over.

I'm happy it's all panning out for you! =)

Fashion Meets Food said...

Glad things are going fab for you. My workout plan has been sucking lately. I definitely need to shape up!


Savvy Gal said...

happy for you. fitness is very important for wellness.